GTA 5 challenges gamers to find these 100 mysteries all over the map

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Highlights in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online lies in the elements of crime, action and destruction. Players are usually assigned mission such as robbing banks, assassinating enemies, stealing cars or destroying drug dens. However, in the update GTA In the latest online, players are assigned a more “popular” mission. That is collect 100 action figure for a toy collector.

To start this quest, the player just needs to log into GTA Online and wait for a message from the owner of a local comic book store. This person’s action figure collection has been stolen and he needs you to find all the characters for him. If you’re wondering how a comic shop owner got the phone number of a notorious criminal, it’s because he’s a friend of Lester, the npc that provides quests for players. After all, Los Santos is just a small world.

Although the above quest was added earlier this week, dedicated gamers have found all 100 characters and discovered the rewards received after spending time roaming the maps. .

For each character found, the player will earn $1000 and 1000 RP points. After finding all the characters, the player is rewarded with an additional 50 thousand dollars and a new outfit.

The new outfit is inspired by the superhero in the GTA universe, the Impoent Rage. This outfit also comes with a new hairstyle. Players can transform into Impotent Rage when using the above outfit. Do GTA Online players really want to play the role of Impotent Rage? The answer is yes because some fans are very pleased with this bonus.

However, there are still people who think they will be happier if the quest rewards more money or receives a costume made from one of the 100 action figures.


If you want to find the above characters, you need to use various maps and videos posted by previous players to determine the location of each character and the most effective route for the collection process. Get your car, helicopter or jetpack ready and start your journey to find the “lost” characters.​

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