Marvel Realm of Champions – When Iron Man shook hands with Spider-Man to fight Hulk and Thor

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Marvel ended a long chapter in his history with Avengers Endgame and the fan community is waiting to see what this big guy will do next with his future. Cinema is like that, the game segment is no exception when new products with breakthrough styles begin to appear, such as Marvel Realm of Champions was recently announced.

Completely different from the old versions where the background and plot are mostly based on movies, Marvel Realm of Champions brings a whole new world where the opposites of superheroes will plunge into the never-ending war.


Marvel Realm of Champions is set in Battleworld, a planet beyond the Belt of Space and Time, which is ruled by Bruce Banner/Hulk of Earth number 69413. Unlike Bruce Banner of our Earth, this is an inhuman cruel, a dictator with a boundless thirst for power. In fact, when Battleworld is a collection of fragments of many different universes placed under Doctor Doom, Bruce Banner or more precisely Maestro hatched a plot to overthrow but failed.


After the events that brought Doctor Doom’s Battleworld to an end, Maestro used the power of the Iso-Sphere, an artifact with the power to recreate reality, to restore Battleworld and crown himself the “Holy King” of the place. this. But soon the slayer died unexpectedly for some unknown reason, sending the clans of Battleworld into a long civil war… There arose the most powerful names, Iron’s House of Iron- Man, Spider-Guild of Spider-Man, Patriot Garrison of Captain America and Pyramid X of X-Men… Choosing one of these factions, the Champions will begin their journey to seek glory for the Clan. .

This setting is interesting in that it will change everything we know about superheroes. From personality, purpose, appearance… to gender. In the trailer, readers can easily see that Doctor Strange and Black Panther are now both female while Spider-Man wears the most unique armor ever. In addition, gamers can also witness many versions of a single superhero confront each other, creating the most attractive battlefield ever.

There is no official release date for Marvel Realm of Champions yet. Emergenceingame.Com will continuously update information about the game as soon as possible.


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