Free Fire – Battlegrounds has released a new Update to completely eliminate lag

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In the heat of PUBG, Free Fire – Battlegrounds become one of the games Battle Royale mobile first. Although it does not have terrible graphics like Knives Out or Rules of Survival, the game still maintains a large community with exciting activities on social networks.


However, after the update to upgrade the graphics, many gamers were surprised Free Fire experiencing lag, resulting in negative feedback on game quality. Even some gamers who could not stand this situation decided to remove Free Fire from the device in order to protest against the publisher.


But right after receiving feedback about the lag, 111dots Studios immediately made modifications through a new Update, allowing gamers to have a smoother experience when playing the game. Accordingly in the version Update 1.7.16lag seems to have been pushed back thanks to the optimization, along with the developer’s promise to make Free Fire images sharper and more vivid.


According to comments from gamers, indeed, Free Fire now no longer lags, giving a more solid and smoother feel when controlling the character. Not only that, this Update also reduces the burden on the hardware, helping the device to be less hot and consume more battery when playing games. However, this Update is only available for Android platform.. while iOS gamers may have to wait a bit longer.

Readers if you have not had the opportunity to enjoy Free Fire – Battlegroundscan download the game for free directly here:

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