The female gamer who lost her home was donated thousands of dollars by the development team

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Just two weeks before Christmas, a woman lost her home and most of her possessions in a fire. When she returned to scavenge what was left, one of the valuables she found was the Nightfall disc set – an expansion to the title. MMORPG famous Guild Wars. When she posted the image of the disc set on Twitter, she was surprised when she received an extremely valuable gift from the developer.


On December 13, Flora Hunsucker aka “Siadina” in Guild Wars, walked out of her house to go to work like any other day. However, when she arrived at the house, the fire started to break out at home. Although the workplace was not far from home, with the speed of the fire spreading, Flora was left with nothing by the time she got home.

Having lost the roof she had lived in for 21 years, Flora and her family were informed by firefighters that only a week later they would be able to return to inspect the belongings. And when she returned, she found one of the valuable items that stuck with her for many years and didn’t know it would also help her overcome the immediate difficulties. Yes, that’s the Nightfall disc set of the Collector Edition MMORPG Guild Wars.


In fact, Flora with the nickname Siadina is one of the oldest gamers in the Guild Wars community when she spends 4000 hours playing in the title. MMO from 2005 to present. Even with the sequel Guild Wars 2 she also used to have 2500 hours of play – a huge number for any online gamer. Therefore, finding the game disc that has been with me for more than a decade really means a lot to Flora during this difficult time.

However, it doesn’t stop here because right after posting the video on Twitter, Flora was contacted by the media staff of the company. ArenaNet contact. This person said that as gratitude and comfort for her loss, they will send a commemorative shirt. But some time later… the shirt is not the only thing that ArenaNet sends to the less fortunate gamer. When her mother called, Flora was surprised to learn that someone at ArenaNet had donated up to $ 3,500 for her family, along with a CD of every version of Guild Wars ever released with the signature of the development team.


Not stopping there as soon as this story reached the gaming community on Reddit, they continued to join hands to donate more to Flora to help her return to a normal life after the fire. It is indeed a gift of both spirit and materiality to Flora, showing us that the virtual world carries the emotional value of brothers and sisters no less than the real life out there.

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