PUBG appeared a new Hack that allows instant healing and saving the Team

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For gamers who play and love PUBG, the mechanism of healing (Healing) and saving teammates (Revive) plays a key role in the gameplay system. It is like a double-edged sword that affects both defense and attack.. active as well as passive. While these mechanics allow players and Teams to survive longer in gunfights, on the other side they also give your team time to push into their positions. For experienced gamers, it is the time when the enemy is pumping blood or saving teammates is the golden moment to close and finish the entire Team.


However, these two mechanisms are becoming victims at the hands of Hackers when a new dirty play tool has just appeared in PUBG. Accordingly, with this new Hack tool, the user can heal and save his teammates in less than a second. In fact, the operation can be so fast that it feels like just touching the person is immediately the “Knockout” can stand up.


It is worth mentioning why Hackers who already have the ability to clean up the whole Server with just a few clicks have to worry about the tool to heal and revive immediately?.. Maybe the brains of some people still only a little bit higher than the plush level, so even if you use Aimbot or Wallhack, you can’t help but eat.. Or simply these tools are for those who want to hack more closely, avoid shooting someone from the other end of the map. and got 1 billion reports in the face.

Whatever the answer, it will still be a wake-up call for Bluehole in anti-Hack for PUBG. Developers will have to take stronger and more “preemptive” measures in detecting unauthorized tools. Bluehole also said that it has just added a new way to the game’s anti-hack system, helping to permanently lock 100,000 accounts. Hopefully this method, plus the stronger Anti Hack system being developed, will be able to eliminate this threat in the future.

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