Crossfire Legends is about to have PUBG standard mode & 8 things to know about this mode

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Dear ADCs, the wait may be over soon when in the next update coming later this month, survival mode will be officially available in CrossFire Legendssatisfying the long-awaited expectations of the gunners.


And before the gate entered the territory survival Revealed, there are the following 8 things that gunners need to know to better understand this fierce survival world.

first. Survival mode in CrossFire Legends is now temporarily called Training Desert Island. This is a competitive survival game mode where the last survivor becomes the winner. There are 2 options: the area of ​​60 people or the area of ​​120 people to join the fight to the death.


2. You can choose to play solo, alone against the whole world or play in pairs with 1 more person, or at most a team of 4.

3. The standard procedure of survival mode in CrossFire Legends: Paragliding down the island, avoiding sandstorms, collecting weapons and equipment, eliminating enemies and surviving last.


4. In the survival territory, there will be a safe area, where it will not be affected by sandstorms or bomb attacks. Gunners in a certain amount of time must move to a safe area before they are gradually narrowed and surrounded by bombs, sandstorms or radiation. Gunners outside the safe zone will die.

5. When landing in survival territory, all players do not bring equipment. You can then pick up equipment, weapons, potions, or vehicles scattered throughout the map to increase attack, defense, or move faster.


6. If playing as a team, the dying player can get the help of his teammates’ healing. If they are not rescued after a period of time, they will die in battle.


7. The game will immediately end when the arena is left with only one player or party.

8. Criteria to get high scores, receive GP and EXP rewards: the longer you live, the more enemies you kill as well as the high ranking summary will all add more points.


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