The father of GTA and shocking scandals in game history (P2)

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With a series of world-famous super products, the achievements that Rockstar Games have achieved are truly the dream of any game maker. However, saying that does not mean that Rockstar has never faced scandals and criticisms, but here are a few specific examples.

Bully and the problem of school violence (2006)


In 2006, Rockstar continued to be entangled in controversy when releasing the game Bully. Bully’s exploitation of the problem of school violence has aroused many criticisms, saying that it will adversely affect the perception of a part of teenagers. Fortunately, this controversy only lasted for a short time because people saw the positive points in the game’s plot. The main character, Jimmy Hopkins, tries to deal with bullying at school and finds a way to end it even as he himself sometimes gets caught up in it. However, with a rather sensitive topic, Bully was eventually banned in some countries on the grounds of harm to young people.

LA Noire and employee exploitation scandal (2011)


LA Noire took 7 years to launch and the development behind it is also a long story. In 2011, an anonymous source, claiming to be a former employee of the company, made many complaints about Team Bondi – the Australian developer responsible for LA Noire. According to this person, the employees have been exploited to the point of exhaustion, having to work from 80-110 hours a week, even on weekends, without a break. Meanwhile, the salary and welfare regime are low, not commensurate with the labor they put in. The list of more than 130 people who worked on the game was also made public, excluding this anonymous employee because he had previously left the studio.

After that, Brendan McNamara – Team Bondi’s superior did not deny the overtime work but did not comment too much on the incident. That same year, Team Bondi resigned.

GTA 5 and barbaric torture scenes (2013)


The craziest character created in GTA 5 is probably Trevor – the name that started a lot of controversy when brutally tortured a hostage to get information. This has led many organizations fighting for peace to issue criticism against the game. Many players themselves are not very interested in this scene.

GTA 5 accused of stealing music


The next incident continued to involve GTA 5 when Rockstar was accused by rapper Daz Dillinger of arbitrarily using his music without permission (namely 2 songs C-Walk and Nothin’ But the Cavi Hit). According to this rapper, Rockstar had previously contacted him to negotiate the copyright, but unfortunately the company only paid $4,271 – the price was said to be “extremely low”, so he refused. Despite that, GTA 5 still uses these songs, leading Dillinger to issue a warning that if he doesn’t pay the higher amount, he will do it all the way to get Rockstar to withdraw and destroy all copies. stars are sold. However, after that, perhaps the two sides reached an agreement when Daz did not continue to raise the issue and the songs were removed from the game.​

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