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1. Race Rank

S-Rank: Holy Spirit, Big Brother


After a makeover in patch 10.21, the Holy Spirit from an unnoticed race became an amazing power. After attacking 6 times or below 50% health, the Saints will ascend, removing the control effect they are receiving, taking 50% less damage and dealing 50% more true damage for the duration. . The more Gods in the squad, the longer the duration. With such a comprehensive defensive ability, the god squads easily overwhelm other houses in the context of standard damage that still has no specific control measures.

Rank A: Wood Spirit, Enlightenment, Soloist, Ninja, Soul


Soul reduced by 1 rank from S to A after wave reducing power between version 10.20 as well as Ahri suffers nerf in this update. But overall, this is still a strong race with Chessman can become the right piece for any squad.

The Shinobi also benefited after the amount of physical damage and skill power increased from 120 to 150 at 4 combined, helping the Shinobi to appear together more.

The most significant in this category is the Enlightenment when this is the race with the best combination with the Holy Spirit through the multi-class card Irelia. As long as there is a pair of Irelia and Morgana in the squad, you can develop into many different variations and both have extremely good damage and wide area effects.

Rank B: Cultist, Ghostly, Sorrowful, Warrior


After a period of power adjustment for Rage Cult, most probably had a negative impact on this chess set when the gameplay leveled up, pressing a few Rage Spears into the field to get enough numbers was no longer effective because Galio now accumulates stats based on the star levels of the fellow cultists. The nature of this card is also easy to counter against the source of true damage.

Ghosts and Sorrows were also nerfed as Riven’s damage source was no longer reputable after the nerfs in both past versions.

War Generals are still a strong race for the ranks rank low and easy snowball if you leave early. However, it will be difficult to reach the top in higher ranks.

Rank C: Moon Tribe


Although for the new 5 Moon Tribe combination level with the ability to push 2 pieces to star level, this only makes the challenge of the players more difficult. On the other hand, Aphelios was miserably nerfed in this version.

Rank D: God of Wealth


Despite the significant increase in power in the previous version, the God of Wealth is no different from the Moon Tribe, need dignity a lot to get advantage. At 10.21, Riot also reduce the strength of the combination of 3 Gods of Fortune, compared to the Moon Tribe, the God of Wealth is even more risky because the cohesion of the chess pieces in the clan is very weak and depends a lot on luck when rolling​​​​​​​​​​​​.

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