Dragon Age 4 masterpiece revealed a super hot scene

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Many people have predicted that Dragon Age 4 will be set in the mysterious world of Tevinter based on the ending of the DLC Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasserof which one Inquisitor daggered the Tevinter Imperium on the map. In addition, the BioWare Publishing a collection of short stories Tevinter Nights in 2020 also somewhat reinforces the above prediction.

Any rumors about Dragon Age 4’s setting have been dispelled by BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development – 25th Anniversary Book studio with many stories and images recounting the development of BioWare. In the article “Tevinter Bound: revealing the context of the continuation of Inquisition”, the new game project is mentioned as follows: “As BioWare enters its twenty-fifth year, the Dragon Age development team has worked hard to perfect it. Morrison, the name of the sequel to Dragon Age”.


Dragon Age 4 will probably take players to lands farther away than Tevinter. BioWare’s memorabilia also includes images of the alleged site of Antiva City, the capital of an area on the eastern border of Tevinter, Nevarra on the southern border of Tevinter, a headquarters of the hunters’ guild. Lords of Fortune Rivain treasure in the northeast and Deep Roads tunnel.

Although Dragon Age 4’s official release date is not mentioned in the book, according to some sources, the new game will most likely be released after April 2022.


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