The fate of PS4 is officially decided

So phan cua PS4 chinh thuc duoc dinh doat82e9b84395393ce9 - Emergenceingame

Some retail stores in Japan have announced that they can no longer offer some versions PS4 certain. Five PS4 models have been stop production includes: 500GB Glacier White, 1TB Jet Black, 1TB Glacier White, 2TB Jet Black and PS4 Pro 1TB Glacier White. Sony has yet to officially announce the discontinuation of any PS4 versions both inside and outside of Japan.


However, this is a good sign as the company is gradually shifting its focus to production PS5 to meet demand, which is outstripping supply. The PS4 Pro may be the first device at risk of being discontinued, as the page promoting the system on the Sony product store has been out of stock for more than a month.

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