New Facebook research reveals gamers’ preferred gaming style

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Facebook recently released a research swing mobile gaming habits of consumers in 2020. In addition to some very familiar information, the report also mentions some new data, much larger than anticipated. For example, among all types of mobile games, the vast majority of players in all regions choose the free gameswith ad support.


In the United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, and Germany, no type of mobile game is more popular than those advertised. Free games with microtransactions ranked second, followed by ad-free purchases, battle pass and monthly refills. On average, more than 35% or all of the players in these regions are attracted to games that run ads. Everyone hates ads, but it still seems to be the most popular type of game that shapes users’ mobile gaming habits.

The Facebook report also discusses the growth of mobile games in 2020, announcing the number of mobile game players has reached more than 28 million in the US alone – a 28% increase. The UK reached 8.6 million people – an increase of 50%. Reports have been updated at a steady rate since the start of the pandemic, discussing the huge boom in the mobile game market during social distancing. Some analysts do not think this trend will continue into 2021, however, if the pandemic continues this year, that prediction could change.


In terms of player spending, new players in Germany seem to be the most willing to open their wallets, with an average monthly spend of $32.45. Old gamers in the country save a bit more, spending $17.21 monthly.

As for “new” gamers, defined as people who didn’t play mobile games before the pandemic, this group of people are currently playing at least 1 hour a week. The old group of gamers is the opposite – they played at least an hour a week before the pandemic and will continue to do so in 2020.​

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