The fastest way to rank ACE in PUBG Mobile

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In order to motivate players, it is necessary to put into the game a rank / ranking system, PUBG Mobile also owns a ranking system of its own, in which rank ACE is not the highest rank though. in PUBG Mobile, but it is the rank that most PUBG Mobile gamers aim for. The following article will show you the fastest way to rank ACE in PUBG Mobile.

In PUBG Mobile, climbing the rank in the first 6 ranks is not too difficult, but from the Crown rank, it will be difficult for you to get close to the ACE rank, many people have encountered a deadlock in trying. Find victory, try to reach the top 1. Because the more you get stuck, the more impatient you will be, leading to unfortunate defeats and difficult to get a chance to rank up.

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fastest way to rank ace in pubg mobile

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The fastest way to rank ACE in PUBG Mobile

Regain your composure

As mentioned above, lack of composure will lead to unnecessary failures, so before going into each aspect more deeply, the first thing you need to do is to regain your composure. Don’t try to eat sticky rice, give yourself a break, make a glass of cool water to cool your head. After you have regained your composure, start thinking again about your defeats, where did you go wrong, why did you lose, if the strategy was reasonable, why did you let the enemy shoot you down first? …

Only play one mode

PUBG Mobile divided into 3 rankings for 3 game modes: Solo, Duos and Squad. So if you are not a streamer or a professional gamer who spends all your time playing games, it is best to just choose one game mode and focus on plowing the rank in that mode.

Limit early and mid-game fights

One thing that you will realize as you get higher in rank is that all players going to high rank are much more cautious early and mid game. Limit fights, don’t waste your lives in vain, go to empty areas, loot items quickly and only get the items you really need, don’t linger to choose too long, don’t be greedy for loot because you can surrounded by many other players

fastest way to rank ace in pubg mobile 2

Why apply this tactic? If you join the fight early, the mortality rate is very high, which means that the ranking is also very low because they are often the first to die in the match. Dodging teamfights, your ranking will be better usually top 30 or higher and maybe even easier to get into the top 10. Your rank in the match directly affects your rank up, the higher the rank, the higher the rank, the higher the chance for you to approach the ACE rank.

Try to have a life in every match

It is not enough just to rank high, try to defeat at least 1 opponent in the match. In PUBG mobile, the Kills stat is a leading metric to gauge player level, meaning the more enemies you kill in a match, the more you’ll be appreciated thanks to the game’s K/D stat. The K/D stat will directly affect your rank climbing score, the better the stat, the closer you get to the ACE rank.

fastest way to rank ace in pubg mobile 3

Of course, not everyone has the skill level to reach the level of competitive gamers, so don’t try to take down too many enemies because you can put yourself in a difficult situation. Just kill at least 1 to 2 enemies in each match so that the K/D stat is not less than 1 and don’t forget to be at least in the top 10. You will get a lot of points to get to that rank.

Bring lots of healing items

PUBG Mobile is a survival game, so survival in the game is also highly valued and the healing stat will also significantly affect your rank climbing. So get as many healing items as you can and then take advantage of a few situations in the game to deal damage to yourself. PUBG Mobile has the existence of BOTs in the match, if you meet a BOT and make sure it is a true BOT, don’t rush to kill it, let this BOT do you some damage, rest assured that they shoot very poorly, so they can’t shoot you instantly like other players, but don’t be too subjective, shoot it down as soon as you feel you’ve received enough damage.

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You can also take advantage of the green circle to burn your blood and then use healing items, but make sure you stay as close to the safe area as possible to run in time if you don’t want to go out in vain. Heal a lot of health in the match, you will be greatly appreciated along with the chance to reach ACE rank.

The Last Survivor

Top 1 will always bring you a lot of scores and rank up quickly, of course it is not always easy for you to reach Top 1 in PUBG Mobile. The late game is the most important stage when you are sure to have done all three of the above. This is the time when you need to apply meticulous tactics and keep a cool head. Try to stay close to the green circle, the last ones are very small and have a slower recovery rate than usual so you don’t need to worry about running anymore.

The second thing is that when you lean back on the board, you will not have to worry about the danger behind your back, the reason is that the last rounds of blood burning are very painful, those who have not entered the board before will surely have lost their lives. Born outside the body, there is no chance to run into the bo and hook you anymore. Thanks to that, your observation area will also be significantly narrower, now focus on moving along the left or right border, find and kill any enemies that you come across, you are the one with the most best chance to knock out enemies who have already advanced inwards.

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If you hear gunfire nearby, don’t rush to join the fun, let the enemy slaughter each other. One less enemy, one less worry, and the other is surely also living and dying after a fierce battle. Now take advantage of the rush to raise the upper hand, now you only have to rely on one thing that is personal skills, firmly grasp the mouse and shoot properly, Top 1 is within your reach.

Above is the fastest way to rank ACE in PUBG Mobile, hopefully can help you draw lessons from experience and new tactical thinking to rank ACE in the fastest way. Wish you have fun playing the game.
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