Is Support Visage really strong in Dota 2’s 7.29?

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Support Visage is an almost neglected concept over the years. During his trilane days, Support Visage was one of the scariest heroes a player could face. But with direct nerfs and changes in the meta, Visage was gradually limited and was brought to play in mid. Today, we will find out if Visage can return to support and how to promote it?

Changes to help Support Visage come back

One of the things that kills Support Visage is that the amount of mana used for Soul Assumption is greatly increased. At one point, the skill increased to 200 mana and since then, it has fluctuated from 150 to 200 since. Now, with 125 mana, Visage can spam the move three times before running out of mana. At level 1, Soul Assumption can deal up to 250 damage so this change is something players should not take lightly.

As long as you deal damage in lane and have mana left, Visage will deal massive amounts of damage. This can be achieved if you play dual lane actively, with smart hit trades and efficient item use, but Support Visage works best in trilane (three hero lane). However, the article is not sure if trilane still exists.

Does Trilane still exist?

Visage Dota 2 Wallpaper - Emergenceingame

In theory, there’s nothing stopping people from experimenting with trilane. As long as the team draft can overwhelm the lane, surely the enemy core won’t farm as much. Meanwhile, the amount of XP received when denied is not so much that the solo offlane is completely ‘nothing’ in the match. In addition, the most popular offlanes today possess the ability to recover by going to the jungle.

But in return, there are many risks when players apply trilane. Although the prospect of trilane with Visage losing the laning phase is very unlikely, it still can not go as planned. To make the trilane successful, you need to overwhelm the lane. Otherwise, slowly, dual lane will outlevel your trilane and that can create problems later in the game.

And yet, like many offlane heroes, a lot of carries in the meta can recover by going to the jungle. Of course, this is not the most ideal, but this option is not bad either. If you’re going to play trilane, make sure the team doesn’t go up against heroes like that. Heroes like Specter and Faceless Void – greedy and slow farming cores with very limited recovery potential – are the kind of people players want to target if they choose to play active trilane.

Overall, trilane has its own pros and cons, but the article believes that there will be quite a few trilane games that turn out to be the right decision. It certainly won’t become the default playstyle in the near future, but it’s a strategy worth considering to include in the team in certain games.

Support greed

Visage Dota 2 Wallpaper 2 - Emergenceingame

The idea of ​​playing greedy meta has been mentioned many times in previous posts. Heroes like Faceless Void, Specter and Medusa have returned to the game completely. Meanwhile, greedy supports now have more influence in the game. Support Visage is one of those greedy supports.

Unlike many other greedy supports, Visage can get stronger just by leveling up, meaning this hero doesn’t really need private time to farm. As long as it can continue to spam Soul Assumption, Support Visage is always ready to go with the cores and continuously put pressure on the opponent.

Level 1 familiars aren’t what they used to be when it comes to damage, but they can still do a 2 second stun with the potential to split the enemy team. This allows good Visage players to both attack their priority target, while preventing or at least delaying support from the opposing team. Usually, when attacking core targets with high armor, level 1 familiars deal no damage and it’s better to use familiars to control the map.

In the later stages of the game, especially if Visage has a good start, plays hard and doesn’t die a lot, familiars will be dangerous dangers that terrify the opponent. At level 12, familiarity can make other supports run away: no support wants to take on Visage one-on-one while warding.


At the beginning of this article, we wondered if Visage could play as a support and the answer was yes. There is nothing wrong with playing Support Visage as this hero provides much needed support during the laning phase of this role. This does not mean that Visage has to play as a support. In the end, Visage is still a very difficult hero to play well, requiring you to invest time if you want to master it.

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