How to play DPS generals in Mobile Legends

General DPS in Mobile Legends responsible for causing damage in the group. Like other positions, DPS generals also play an important role in the team. In this article, will share with you how to play DPS generals in Mobile Legends so that you can help your team win in the most effective way.

In Mobile Legends, DPS generals are usually ADC and Mage. These are extremely powerful generals, dealing great damage and having a great influence on the battle. The DPS champion’s skill set allows them to deal massive damage to enemies. In addition to the ability to deal damage, they also possess many CC effects to control the opponent.

how to play the best dps games in mobile legends bang bang

Instructions to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang with DPS generals

DPS champions are usually played in the mid lane because they have a lot of strong skills to push lanes and clear minions quickly. The best thing you can do as a DPS champion in Mobile Legends is push lanes, buy needed items, and then quickly switch to one of the side lanes. Even if you don’t kill the enemy laner, you can still cause the enemy to lose a significant amount of health. If you are wondering how to play DPS champions in Mobile Legends effectively, this is the answer for you.

How to play DPS generals in Mobile Legends

1. Pros and cons of DPS generals in Mobile Legends

* Advantages:

– Can put pressure on the opponent.

– Can solo kill.

– Clear troops quickly.

– Can gank and roam.

– Is the core of any team that needs a DPS champion to deal magic damage.

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* Defect:

– Pretty weak, no strong defense and thin HP.

– Depends on mana, especially Mage.

– Can be forced to leave lane easily if ganked.

how to play dps in mobile legends

2. How to effectively play DPS generals in Mobile Legends

As a Mage or ADC DPS champion, you will always want to stay behind the minions and farm until the enemy comes into your attack range. If they are within range and your skill is ready to activate, you can get a solo kill. If not, keep farming, get XP, gold and level up.

Never stand in front. If an enemy sees you approaching them and they have a numerical advantage, you can lose your life in seconds. So wait for your team and the Tank or Gladiator in the team to move forward.

When farming, you need to farm, kill enemy laners when possible, or simply force them to retreat. Then go across the river and get the crab for a view.

After doing this, you can head towards the enemy turret and destroy it. If you do that, you’ll capture several minion camps in the jungle. Repeat this until you gain a lot of Gold/XP and have an edge over your opponent. Finally, you will join the fight with General Tank, Support or other members and destroy the enemy.

how to play dps role in mobile legends

3. What should be equipped for DPS generals in Mobile Legends?

Depending on the champion you play, you should choose strong items that deal magic damage or physical damage. For DPS champions, you need to prioritize items that have the ability to suck blood because with such a high amount of damage, you will be able to recover a lot of HP. That not only helps against creeps but also in teamfights where you can allow the Support to take his eyes off of you for a few seconds.

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In addition, you also need to prioritize equipment that restores mana and reduces cooldown, especially if you choose a Mage champion. The further you go in the fight, the more you need to focus on armor-piercing equipment. They will help you tear down the opponent’s Tank in the front row and reach the enemy’s backline faster.

4. The strongest DPS generals in Mobile Legends

Currently, Freya, Wanwan, Masha, Thamuz, Hanabi and Miya are considered the top strongest DPS champions in Mobile Legends. However, the Meta is always changing, so keep an eye on the latest updates to pick the top DPS champion at the moment.

how to play dps best in mobile legends

In general, Mage/ADC DPS champions are pretty weak, so you’ll always want someone up front, covering you. Also, for your own safety, never rush into 1-on-2 encounters, unless you are 10,000% sure you can win. If you fail, you may end up not only losing your lane, but also possibly losing in upcoming skirmishes (where your team has to fight without DPS).

Moreover, in the early game you need to try to get a few kills to snowball early, but if the situation is too risky, focus on farming and then ganking other lanes.

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Above is all you need to know about the DPS champion in Mobile Legends. With information on how to play DPS generals, how to equip, as well as advantages and disadvantages of DPS champions, hopefully you can perform well as your DPS general in the team.

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