How to fix Error Code 7 game Valorant

League of Legends developer Riot Games has released the official Open Beta for Valorant a few days ago. Error Code 7 Valorant game error is one of the common problems that many players encounter when experiencing, below how to fix it.

As we know it Valorant is a latest free shooting game that combines elements of Overwatch and Counter Strike Global Offensive was officially released. Unfortunately, Valorant has appeared an Error Code 7 error that makes players unable to experience it normally.

How to fix Error Code 7 game Valorant

Error Code 7 What is Valorant game?

Many players reported to Riot Games as soon as they encountered the Error Code 7 Valorant error message when trying to log in and play Valorant. This error only appears when the player cannot connect to Valorant’s server, game installation error …. if you are facing this problem, try one of the following methods

You are playing the game Valorant but you get an error that makes it difficult for you to continue playing the game. Instead of leaving it, you should find a way to fix it so that you can fix the error effectively.

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Instructions to fix Error Code 7 game Valorant

1. Restart the game or reset the computer

Try restarting the game Valorant, Error Code 7 error can be fixed by logging out of your account, exiting the whole game, restarting and re-login the game. If it still doesn’t work, try resetting your device.

2. Check Email Account

According to the official support page for first-person shooter Valorant, a player experiencing this problem may have their Riot Games account account banned (suspended). The way to fix Error Code 7 Valorant is that you have to check the Email associated with the Riot account, see the detailed reason when it crashes.

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If your Valorant account has the wrong account region (especially China) you will get Error Code 7 Valorant game when connecting to the platform. To change your account region in Valorant and fix bugs, you must visit Here and see in Region/Country change

3. Installation error, missing system files

Another cause of the error Error Code 7 Valorant game may have is due to the system, the game’s settings. Riot Games said that it is possible that the system file is missing during the download and installation process, leading to this situation, so you try to delete the entire game on your PC and then proceed to install it again.

– Refer to the tutorial article Download and install Valorant on PC

=> Link Download Valorant for PC

=> Link Download Valorant for Windows

4. Check the Internet connection

Most likely this is also a problem with your network connection so check your internet connection, turn it on or off, or restart your router. Sometimes the network connection also happens to have some unexpected problems, without notice.

5. Check Firewall

Sometimes the firewall (Fire Wall) on the computer may mistake something for a virus or potentially cause harm to the user, so the system automatically blocks and destroys it. Please make sure that Valorant is not on the Blocked list.

6. Report the problem

If the above solutions do not help you fix the Error Code 7 game Valorant error, then it is best to ask for the help of NPH. Have Riot Games check if there is a problem with the connection to your account and address.

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Although the testing process is relatively long, it does not mean that the official version does not encounter bugs, surely Riot Games is working hard to ensure this problem does not affect gamers after logging in, don’t forget. reference Configure playing Valorant on PC smooth, lag-free to make your experience better.

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