The fastest and simplest way to download and install Minecraft 1.20

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Recently, Mojang has released new updates of Minecraft version 1.20, including a lot of interesting updates about new blocks, items and creatures. If you want to experience these new features, learn how to download and install Minecraft 1.20 below.

In version 1.20, you can use bamboo to create many new building blocks. Besides, there are many mysterious items waiting for you to discover. If you don’t know how Download and install Minecraft 1.20let’s find out with in the following article.

how to install minecraft 1 20

The easiest way to download and install Minecraft 1.20 on any device

Instructions to download and install the latest Minecraft 1.20

1. What’s new in Minecraft 1.20?

Chiseled Bookshelf

This is a new type of bookshelf that allows you to hold up to 6 normal or enchanted books.

how to make minecraft 1 20

Bamboo Planks

You can now join bamboo segments into Bamboo Planks and from there create fences, pressure panels, bamboo slabs, bamboo doors and bamboo rafts.

minecraft tutorial 1.20

Hanging Sign

With wood and iron chains, you can now create Hanging Sign, a more beautiful sign than the old version.

minecraft tutorial 1.20

Ancient Plants and Ancient Seeds.

A new and very hard to find mystical plant.


A new mob, hatching from the Sniffer Egg. This mob can sniff and help you find Ancient Seeds.

how to install minecraft 1.20 on pc


This humped animal appeared in Minecraft 1.20. Camels can easily cross rivers, ravines and even fences. Not only that, this animal also does not need to be tamed and can carry up to 2 players.

minecraft 1.20 update on xbox one

To learn more about the new changes in version 1.20, readers can refer to the article Minecraft update details 1.20 that introduced before.

2. How to download and install Minecraft 1.20 Java version

Details on how to download and install Minecraft 1.20 Java version you can refer to below:

Step 1: Open Minecraft Launcher.
Step 2: Choose Installations.
Step 3: Choose New Installation
Step 4: Choose Version and choose version 1.20.1.
Step 5: Launch the game and start experiencing.

3. How to download and install Minecraft 1.20 Java versionBedrock

On mobile devices

– On Android:

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store.
Step 2: Touch the icon My Apps And find Minecraft.
Step 3: Choose Update (update) to update to the latest version of Minecraft.

=> Download link Minecraft for Android

– On iOS:

Step 1: Open the App Store and search for Minecraft.
Step 2: Choose Update (update).

=> Download link Minecraft for iPhone

On Windows PC

– Microsoft Store:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Store.
Step 2: Choose Library => Get Updates.
Step 3: Find Minecraft and update to the new version.

– Xbox Gaming App:

Step 1: Open Xbox.
Step 2: Choose My Library > Minecraft.
Step 3: To the left of the . button Playchoose the latest version as 1.20.1.

On Playstation

Step 1: Press the button Options on the Dualshock 4 controller.
Step 2: Check for updates and let your device automatically update to new versions.

On Xbox Console

Step 1: Open My Apps & Games.
Step 2: Choose More Options => Manage Games & add-ons => Update.

Or you can download it directly here: Minecraft for Xbox One.

On Switch

Step 1: Open Minecraft and wait for the game update permission dialog to appear.
Step 2: Confirm update to version 1.20.1.
Thus, has guided you how to download and install Minecraft 1.20. The way to install on other versions and platforms will always be Taimienphi. vn update. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below for everyone to refer to.

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