Tencent officially revealed the mysterious sci-fi shooter SYNCED: Off-Planet

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During the Gamescom exhibition being held in Germany, Tencent announced the title sci-fi shooter All-new third-person perspective – SYNCED: Off-Planet (Chinese name is The Edge of Revival) that the company jointly developed NExT Studios. Officially appearing at NVIDIA’s showcase at Gamescom, SYNCED: Off-Planet combines survival, crafting, and base building with a PvP experience, up to 50 players PvE, and over 1000 mechanized creatures called Nanos. .

The plot context of SYNCED: Off-Planet is built in a city on the verge of extinction, humans have made great progress in Nano technology, but due to mutations, it causes serious problems. Importantly, the survivors need to find a way to leave Earth. Players are tasked with creating groups, preparing crafting tools as well as escorting survivors to the space shuttle to leave the planet that is no longer suitable for human life. Players will fight with each other to get “off-planet, but also need to fight against the Nanos – who have turned into mechanized creatures.​​


The most unique feature in the gameplay of SYNCED: Off-Planet is the information synchronization mechanism, in the context of the game, everyone has a chip attached, so regardless of the enemy, the information will be synchronized. the set. Players can choose to gather as much information as possible to their advantage, but they can also choose to give up information and use stronger attacks to raid enemies. Even monsters on the map can be synchronized, allowing the player to turn them into a weapon of their own.​


The gameplay of SYNCED: Off-Planet is made up of three major genres, the story PvE mode, the base building mode, and the PvPvE mode. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 as well as RTX Ray Tracing to create the most realistic experiences for players.​

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