The most efficient way to move on the Free Fire map

In Free Fire, you cannot stand still and win. Moving is a required action to loot, escape or reach the target. So how to move efficiently on the Free Fire map? will share with you some useful tips to do just that.

As with any survival shooter, in Garena Free Fire, collecting weapons, fighting or dodging other players are just some of the things you need to learn. Equally important is the ability to move around the map smoothly to increase your chances of getting good gear and escaping any confrontation. And this is the most efficient way for you to move around the map in Free Fire.

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How to move efficiently in the Free Fire map

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Tips to move effectively in Free Fire

1. Use maps and minimaps

You can follow the map in the game in 2 ways, that is viewing the map of the entire island and using the mini map. You can open the map of the entire area by touching the mini map located in the upper left corner of the screen. This way you will be able to determine your current location where the green, red and orange areas appear… From the island map you can plan your actions next, where to go and where to stay away. With markers (which can be placed with a single click on any location on the map) you can also define places of interest. Unfortunately, team members cannot see that marker in Duo or Squad mode.

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How to move on the internet do free fire understand the most

The mini map allows you to see what is happening in the area around your location. Green, orange and red areas are also marked there, alerting you to an impending threat. The most important aspect of the mini-map, however, is the markers that indicate where the enemy is, when they start shooting or are within the scanning area of ​​the UAV drone. When they do, their position will be marked with a red triangle. This will allow you to easily locate the nearest hazard. However, note that your actions such as shooting or staying in the orange area of ​​the UAV drone will also reveal your location.

2. Some effective ways to move on the map in Free Fire

As you plan your next move, keep a few things in mind:

– Regularly observe the mini-map – it gives you valuable information about what is going on around the character and will help you avoid many risks.

guide on how to move on your free fire best

– Use markers – they can be used on the main map by tapping any location. Thanks to this, you can mark the location of important places like locations full of valuable loot or transportation.

– You start freely moving around the map after jumping out of the plane. Planes move in a straight line, so you often can’t land in places worth visiting. To solve this problem, simply jump out of the plane and parachute early. Once there, you can quickly fly across a large part of the map, reaching places that almost no one has appeared there.

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– When moving between spots, linger in open spaces as little time as possible. It is better to run between locations with different obstacles than to run on an empty area. This will reduce the chances of being detected by other players and getting injured.

– When you plan to loot all the buildings in the area, be sure to check the buildings with multiple floors first. You will rarely have time to explore every building, and buildings with multiple floors can hold more items (especially on the roof) than single-story buildings.

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In a survival shooter like Free Fire, you will have to constantly move, move to pick up items, avoid enemies, reach targets or escape dangerous areas and the tips shared above will helps you move efficiently around the map in Free Fire.

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