Consecutive failure, which way for Bibi Club before AoE Nghe An Open I?

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2019 was not a very prosperous year for Bibi Club and ever since the Champion AoE Baby Love Cup 2018 has become tired and lifeless as it is now. From the series of consecutive defeats in May to now, there was hope Bibi and teammates will change but the situation does not seem to be much better.

The opening for the series of unlucky days was the 0-3 white loss of Bibi, Tieu Man Tieu before the GameTV duo Sparrow and U98. Although both Sparrow and U98 are at their peak, the fans could not expect the match to end with such a difference. Next, the 4v4 squad played weakly against Nghe An and sadly lost 0-3. Not stopping there, yesterday, Bibi continued to receive an extremely miserable result against Skyred’s Hehe when closing the match with a result of 1-7.


In a battle, there must be winners and losers, but losing in a row like that plus the effort and enthusiasm of gamers is no longer available, Captain Bibi himself cannot keep his inherent calm when there are slightly “extreme” comments. “about teammates. This is probably the last drop of water after a series of gloomy days when the Bibi army seemed to have disappeared in the past professional tournaments.


The performance of myself and the whole team dropped seriously, people saw a really tired and stressed Bibi when they couldn’t find the right direction for the team. To be the leader Bibi AoE Club, perhaps what Bibi needs to do right now is to take a moment to rest and then start solving the mental math problem, how to play the team’s internal competition.


Tournaments AoE Nghe An Open I is approaching, can fans see a strong and passionate Bibi Club? Let’s wait and see.

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