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The fairy wedding of Coser and the cosplay photographer

The two main characters in this sweet, romantic love story and a dreamlike ending are young couple Le Thanh Hung and Bui Nguyen Tuong Van. The two were destined to meet each other 4 years ago at a festival cosplay. At that time, Van was a cosplayer, and Hung was a cosplay photographer.

Both of their youth devoted to the passion of cosplay, and thanks to it, they became charming, so the couple decided to hold a cosplay-style wedding. Although this idea had been thought of for months, it took a lot of work for both of them to convince their families to nod in agreement.

And finally, the fairy wedding took place according to the wishes of the young couple when they turned into prince and princess Aurora, respectively. Not only the bride and groom, but also many friends who attended the wedding also wore cosplay to celebrate with the couple.

The wedding of Thanh Hung – Tuong Van was held in early March

Not only the wedding, Hung and Van’s wedding photos are also done in cosplay style. It is known that all wedding clothes are designed by the bride herself for both husband and wife, then ask a friend to sew. Accessories such as colored stones, wigs, and crowns are also attached and ordered online by Van.


Let’s admire the “unique” cosplay-style wedding photos of Thanh Hung and Tuong Van below.

Outside cosplay costumeHung and Van also took wedding photos with traditional costumes, bridesmaid dresses, ao dai like any other couple.​

In addition to the costumes prepared by hand from A to Z, the wedding photo set was also done wonders in many different locations such as Singapore, Hoi An (Da Nang)… etc. Both probably had moments. extremely memorable and meaningful on the big day when being loved and living with your passion.

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