The Day: the strange revival of the game that was abandoned by Tencent for 10 years

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I don’t know if everyone remembers Tencent once revealed about a sci-fi MMORPG called The Day in 2008. At the time of publicity, The Day received the attention and expectations of many players. by applying the most advanced CryEngine 2 platform at that time.


This game is developed by Reloaded from Korea (studio receives investment from Tencent), not only Tencent but even Nexon has the intention to release this game. But after the annual TCG exhibition of Tencent since 2008, on all websites one cannot find any more information about the game for a period of 10 years. And to this day, people are even more surprised because a forgotten game has come back to life. Only 10 years ago it was an MMORPG but now it has become a TPS combined MOBA genre. The Day will be like many current MOBA games, with the familiar 5vs5 gameplay.


Studio Reloaded said it will release this game first as an online version. On December 5, officially opened testing for players. This is indeed a strange revival, many say that maybe at the time, the MMORPG genre game was not feasible. But indeed the gamer was rotated 180 degrees, from mobile game to online game and even genre was double as MOBA.

10 years is really not a short time, if for many game manufacturers, it has been abandoned and the possibility is never released, so the return of the game this time many people wonder if they want to follow. Is there a trend or an intention? And the real reason is probably only the developers know.

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