Thanos sent a super cute letter to his mother after the Avengers 3 trailer was released

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  1. Although extremely cruel in the movie, in real life, Thanos is so cute, making everyone want to be a fan.

    Since then Avengers 3: Infinity War released a very hot trailer, a lot of fans said that Thanos so cruel that they all want to become anti-fans of this villain. Realizing the public’s harsh reaction to him, the actor playing the role of Thanos – Josh Brolin posted on his personal instagram a photo of this villain, and wrote a few lines of “heart letter” to his mother as Thanos.


    In the trailer, Thanos has captured two infinity stones to fit into his infinity gauntlet. With his cruelty and power, it is hard to imagine how much danger when the villain collects all the infinity stones, how dangerous it will be to the entire universe. However, contrary to the evil image on the screen. In the “heart letter”, Thanos again shows as an extremely lovable son, cooing with his mother when he writes:“Dear mom, it’s me, Than. I’ll be home for Christmas but I have to finish this first. I think you’ll be proud of me for that. Anyway, I sent you this card. this pic always lets you know that i’m okay. i love you and i’ll see you when i destroy….no… i mean when i’m done. love you!”


    After seeing these lovely “heart letters” of Josh Brolin (Thanos), many people were extremely interested, and shared that they turned from anti-fans back to his fans. As the main antagonist in Avengers 3 This time, Thanos attracted as much attention from the audience as the superheroes on the right side because of his cruelty and barbarity. Although the character’s image is still controversial in the fan community Marvel. However, there are few villains who can make all superheroes as bloody as the group Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy…have to join hands to destroy but still he “eats onions” ashore and down the field. So after watching the trailer, everyone is more and more excited, looking forward to the day of the movie Avengers 3: Infinity War Officially in theaters.



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