The 10 most shocking deaths in the history of the gaming world

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Death is not a strange thing in the virtual world. The enemy – me, the main – the side, all died like that it was an inevitable help for the game storyline to be pushed to the climax or go further. But sometimes we can’t expect that a certain character has a strong influence throughout the length of the game… suddenly in a moment left without a warning. As well as the influence of their images, Emergenceingame.Com would like to point out the 10 deaths that shocked gamers the most in the virtual world right below..

(Warning reveals important plot details, readers should consider when continuing to watch)

Mario Auditore

For fans of Assassin’s Creed 2, the character of Uncle Mario Auditore has become a very memorable image. As the head of the Assassins Guild in Italy, he, along with his younger brother Giovanni, have defended what is right for many years. When his brother was hanged, it was he who carried the Ezio family and personally trained his nephew to become a skilled assassin. Therefore, the legendary image of Ezio owes a huge amount of credit to Mario.


But in the battle for Monteriggioni, the image of him collapsing when the city gate was open haunted the minds of many fans. The sight of Ezio’s teacher and even a foster father prostrating himself at Cesare Borgia’s feet and then being shot dead on the spot, along with Ezio also getting bullets in the chest.. made gamers unable to be more shocked. when everything suddenly disappeared before my eyes.

Mordin Solus

There are many memorable companions besides Shepard in the series Mass Effect and almost the character of Mordin Solus is underestimated, partly because of his combat role.. partly because of his non-human appearance. However in Mass Effect 2this scientist left in the hearts of fans endless grief when determined to stay at the crumbling tower to be able to cure the mutant disease that has haunted the Krogan race for generations.


The image of Mordin Solus with his face unchanged, behind his back is a blazing fire but still sings the last verse.. before the explosion took his life, really took away a lot of tears from gamers. .


Did i ever tell you the definition of Insanity? – “Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?…perhaps one of the most memorable quotes in length. Far Cry 3. And the owner of those haunting words is the villain Vaas. Appearing for the first time in the game’s demo trailer, Vaas immediately made gamers fall in love with his madness full of personality. Although becoming a villain caused the main character to live and die, Vaas soon became ingrained in gamers’ minds, letting everyone expect him as the ultimate villain he would destroy.


However, instead, Vaas was defeated quite easily from the middle of the game, leaving players feeling frustrated. Although the second half of Far Cry 3 introduces players to a completely new villain, no one can fill the void left by Vaas.

Eli Vance

Eli Vance is one of the most attached characters in the series Half-Life. strong. Both are weapons that helped Gordon Freeman escape death countless times. That’s why the scene of him dying at the hands of the Advisor is one of the most terrifying and haunting images Half-Life 2: Episode Two. There, after hitting the monster with a pipe in vain, he was lifted up and stuck the monstrous tentacles straight into the skull.. What a painful death for a very dear person. Set with Half-Life fan.



Well, we can’t talk about the most painful and unexpected deaths of the virtual world without mentioning Simon “Ghost” Riley, a teammate on Task Force 141 in the game. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Throughout the length of the game, Ghost always stands by the player’s side as a fighting partner that never separates. The skull mask layer and the thick British voice also make Ghost more personal than ever. But when on a mission to track down Vladimir Makarov with Roach in a safe house near the Russian border, Ghost became a victim at the hands of Shepherd.


Passing through the enemy’s dense selection of bullets, Ghost with all his might brought the badly wounded Roach to the helicopter. But instead of lying in the arms of his friends, he was stabbed by the Shepherd with a Magum bullet straight into his chest. The image of Ghost and Roach’s corpses on fire while the shadow of the traitor Shepherd fades away in the smoke… still makes many people scream in their hearts whenever they remember..


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