What to see in Forsaken World: Mainland Gods after 3 days of official launch?

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Let’s take a walk with the reporter of this perfect continent around the fanpage, game group and community channels to immerse in the vibrant atmosphere of the days. Forsaken World: Mainland Gods and Demons Officially open.​

The first thing that can be seen most clearly is the praise that gamers give to the graphics, especially with the character creation in the game. Quite a lot of gamers have chosen female characters (Mage, Pastor or Gunner) for the purpose of virtual living, showing off their beauty because the shapes of these classes are extremely attractive and eye-catching. !

Gamers praise the very beautiful female character, suitable for virtual living

However, it is not because of that that the male image is inferior, on the community channels there are also many gamers showing off their male characters as well as their fighting power. It is an image of mighty Warriors, mysterious Blood Demons and cool Archers.

Forsaken World: Mainland Gods and Demons designed many activities to honor the player’s skills, including changing the character class, plowing the fighting force or equipping the character with wings. There are many players sharing pocket tips of the above activities in a very detailed and exciting way. However, the most useful advice is still depending on the actual situation each player wants to get their favorite faction and create excitement in the experience. In addition, there are instructions on how to plow experience, dig treasure, use equipment, …

Very useful sharing articles for even newbies

An interesting point in Forsaken World community: Mainland Gods and Demons In the early days of launch, gamers across the country were still searching for their guild. As you know, this Fantasy game is extremely focused on guild activities, battlefields, and battlefields, because this is the “soul” of the game and is also an essential factor in keeping players in the game. longer with the product.​

Gamers earnestly find their own guild

It is known that Forsaken World: Mainland Gods is still giving VIP codes as well as implementing gift-giving activities in the game, in-game incentive programs, etc. to help gamers more convenient in experiencing the game. In addition, the Executive Board also reminds the community that in order to have valuable moments with this magical continent, players should find themselves a guild to stick with, participate in many team activities, specializes in the features of skill cultivation, power breakthrough…

Forsaken World: Mainland Gods Ghost was released at 10:00 am on May 13, so far, the game has opened 10 servers with a large number of players. In the coming time, the publisher will continue to launch many new events and new servers to meet the needs of gamers, creating an exciting playground this summer.​

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