6 times Wolverine died without a body in Marvel (P2)

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The Exiles series revolves around the mission of correcting the mistakes of a species called the Timebreakers. This species, while discovering and discovering the crystal palace of Panoptichron – which is considered the link between all dimensions, accidentally made a mistake that threatened to destroy all existence. creator. Realizing their mistake, they summon the mutants from many different dimensions and formed a force called the Exiles. The mission of this group is to go to the different versions of the Earth and correct the mistakes to bring things back to their correct order.


However, after much misunderstanding, the Timebreakers arrange for the Exiles themselves to be imprisoned on Earth-3470.. where they are informed that they have been “fired”. But at the same time the Timebreakers discover that on Earth-127, Scarlet Warlock (Male version of Scarlet Witch) is plotting to fuse Adamantium’s skeleton. Wolverine in this world with Magneto’s body. But an accident caused Magneto to merge not only with the Adamatium skeleton, but also with Quicksilver and Mesmero. It was that disastrous deed that gave birth to a new entity called Brother Mutant – the one with ultimate power and plot to take over the entire world.

The Timebreakers decided to put out the fire by summoning an army of Wolverine from different dimensions, building up their strength to take on the Brother Mutant. However, each time the squad is sent, Brother Mutant has a new Team Wolverine in his hands, all thanks to the power to control the human mind. In the end, Exiles was freed and joined forces with the remaining Wolverine squad to defeat Brother Mutant. But by now you must have imagined this war when countless Wolverine fell to kill each other, creating a bloody scene beyond anyone’s imagination.

From the Hulk version of Wolverine to The Thing, from the new Wolverine when he was powerful to the old, from Wolverine when he was in the Weapon X program to the Zombie version.. all plunged into a bloody battle with the body. The body, limbs and even the head flew everywhere.


In the Ultimatum series with events taking place on Earth-1610, the Earth witnessed the most terrible cataclysm in history, causing millions of deaths.. including humans and mutants. Soon Professor Xavier discovers that the culprit is none other than Magneto, who has hatched a plot to destroy all life on Earth to avenge the deaths of his two children Wanda and Pietro. His main weapon is the Ultimatum Wave – a weapon with the ability to raise the sea level and create tidal waves of unimaginable heights.

In the final war when superheroes Marvel In a total assault on Magneto’s base, Wolverine finds herself coming face to face with the villain. Immediately he rushed in with the frenzied courage and ability of two teammates, Cyclops and Iron Man. However, when the two used energy beams to shoot directly at Magneto, he suddenly used his power to redirect the attack directly to Wolverine’s body. The sight made the Werewolf tear his flesh apart, as if he were just a skeleton with slime clinging to it. But with her crazy will, Wolverine still refused to give up. Although he was no longer physically fit, he still had the strength to strip his claws straight across Magneto’s chest.. But that was still not enough because Magneto then used his strength to shred Wolverine’s skeleton, causing this mutant to be. only dull black bones remained on the floor. That image brings a more painful and barbaric death for Marvel’s most beloved mutant.

However, in the end it was because of Wolverine’s critical attack that Magneto was able to be defeated. He died as a true hero.


Death of Wolverine

The title of this series says it all about Wolverine’s ultimate ending. In that story, Wolverine accidentally gets infected with a virus from the microverse that causes him to lose the ability to instantly heal. This inadvertently pushed him into a miserable situation when he had to confront countless different enemies. And one of them is Dr. Abraham Cornelius – the leader of the Weapon X program and the main reason why Wolverine has an Adamantium skeleton. Meeting with Wolverine, he revealed to him his plan to repeat the experiment from which year.. where different humans were brought here to pump Adamatium into the body. However, in order for the experiment to succeed and allow the humans to survive he needed Wolverine’s healing ability. To Cornelius’ shock, Wolverine revealed that he had lost the ability to heal a long time ago.

Angry and out of control, Cornelius released Sharp – a test subject he considered more perfect than Wolverine. But even without the power to heal, Wolverine easily defeated the soulless assassin. In desperation with no one left to protect, Cornelius suddenly activated the process of injecting Adamantium into the unconscious test subjects and gave him a chance to escape while Wolverine was distracted. Unable to bear to watch innocent lives die, Wolverine unleashed his real claw (prior to which he had to use a fake claw because he could no longer heal) and slashed the adamatium canister before it could pump into his body. experimented person. As a result, the humans were saved, but Wolverine’s body was covered with liquid Adamantium. In the end, our Werewolf caught up with Cornelius, finishing him off before his body froze and died beneath the metal that was once a part of him. The image of Wolverine as a silver statue in the early morning light made many fans cry.


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