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The “billion-ton bomb” games will explode in E3 2018 (P.2)

Anthem (details)

As Bioware’s first new IP in nearly a decade (before that was Dragon Age launched in 2009), Anthem was introduced to the community at E3 last year, and immediately became the focus of attention. . However, soon after, another Bioware product (produced under EA’s “direction”), Star Wars Battlefront II, was released with numerous negative reviews about the loot box system that made the reputation This developer’s reputation is “falling without brakes”. Besides, Mass Effect Andromeda is also a boring disappointment of this cult studio (although developed by a different branch), and that makes fans start to worry about Anthem’s future.


However, it should also be remembered, that the two Bioware failures mentioned above can both have reasonable explanations: Battlefront II was produced under the direction of EA, and Andromeda was developed by the Montreal branch ‘non’. experience’. Therefore, fans are still looking forward to the new “genuine” product of this famous studio. And obviously, E3 2018 would be a more appropriate occasion for Bioware to reinforce that belief of fans.

Borderlands 3 (disclose information)


It’s been 4 years since the latest game in this hit series was released, and rumors of a ‘Borderlands 3′ are popping up all over the fan community. Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford himself did not deny this rumor. Even at last year’s GDC event, Randy introduced a “new engine used for the next Borderlands product”. According to experts’ predictions, Borderlands 3 will be released between October this year and the fall of next year. So, a ‘release’ at the upcoming E3 2018 of this game would be completely reasonable.

Resident Evil 2 Remake (More information)


Another ‘remake’ product from the era of the first PlayStation, Resident Evil 2 Remake has been CAPCOM announced since August 2015. Since then, we haven’t known much about this product, other than its programmer Hiroyuki Kobayashi once shared in June last year that the game will ‘soon’ ‘ was released. ‘Soon’ is a difficult time to define, especially for gaming, but we can also hope that we will get a little more information about this ‘old legend’ at E3 2018.

Avengers (detailed announcement)

With Avengers: Infinity War on the verge of becoming the fastest movie to hit the $1 billion mark, the thirst for a game built on Marvel’s “dream lineup” has become more than we can bear. fan. Satisfying that thirst, is a collaborative project between Marvel Games, Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix. According to the investigation, this is a project with abundant resources, with the participation of the world’s leading developers.


However, in addition to the existence of this project has been confirmed, all other information is still a mystery to fans. E3 2018 will most likely change this situation, and maybe we will get to touch this game in person at the same time as the day when Avengers 4 ‘releases’ in May next year?

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (detailed announcement)

Tom Clancy’s The Division had a great launch, and the game itself is still getting better and better thanks to the quality updates that keep popping up. In particular, with the latest version 1.8, fans say that Tom Clancy has never been more amazing.


Along with the fan’s love for Tom Clancy’s The Division, the arrival of part 2 of this game is obviously also very much awaited. Studio Massive has announced the existence of the game, but still “save” all other information for E3 2018.

New game of Rocksteady, Remedy and CAPCOM


We put these games together, because in reality we still have no more information than their existence. Even outside of Remedy’s P7 project, we can’t be sure if the other two games will appear at this year’s E3 or not. However, with the reputation that all 3 have built from previous titles, fans will always be watching their new products. And of course, whether they appear or not, these 3 products will still be on the list that is expected to “explode” at E3 2018.

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