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Dragalia Lost – Super cool ARPG under Nintendo

In an attempt to conquer the array mobile gamesboss Nintendo (Japan) suddenly announced a partnership with developer Cygames, launching a new RPG title for mobile devices called Dragalia Lost. Nintendo has acquired 5% of Cygames stock to invest in a new relationship, committing to jointly release many more mobile games to the international market.


.’s battle system Dragalia Lost based on direct swipes on the screen. Gamers have more than 60 characters to team up, with the most important feature being the dragon transformation. In it, the characters can contract with different types of dragons, thereby gaining new skills after transforming. In addition, the game also has a background music performed by DAOKO – a young star of the Japanese pop music scene. Dragalia Lost do not focus on exploiting seiyuu to voice characters like many other Japanese games.

Dragalia Lost’s trailer


Dragalia Lost slated to be released this summer, however, there is currently only an early registration page for Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and China. There is no information on the English version yet. However, the 3 main characters in the game have Western names like Eudiel, Xethia, Nhaam.


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