Forcing children to play games outside the net shop, parents can easily fight the computer screen

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Being caught by parents while “plowing” the game is probably the biggest horror for gamers while in the process of “conquest”. And the fact has shown that there are many “bad jokes” around this tragic situation. Many parents who couldn’t keep their composure gave their children a warning right at the match in front of so many people. But if you just stop there, there’s nothing worth saying, it’s confusing that instead of teaching and advising their younger brother not to be too playful, some people blame this on the engine room leading to the state of swearing. insulting the owner, even smashing furniture and equipment in the shop to reduce “anger”.

Surely many people remember the incident that happened at the end of May last year at a net shop on Hoang Cau street. When the boy was engrossed in the fight, his father rushed in with a tennis racket in hand and immediately hit him in the head for the crime of skipping school. Not stopping there, in a fit of anger, the father could not control his composure and took a racket to break 27 computer screens on the 3rd floor of the restaurant, ignoring the staff’s disapproval. According to the statistics of eyewitnesses, the entire screen was broken beyond repair, each worth about 3.7 million VND.

Recently, a similar incident happened again, although the extent of the damage is not that much, it is also worth thinking about. Specifically, according to the owner of the restaurant, sharing with the broken screen both front and back is because a parent came to the shop to call him back and then “combat” a few times. The owner bitterly did not know how to handle this case.


Other colleagues also expressed their anger at this action of the parent. Most advise the shop owner to claim compensation, which is inevitable, and at the same time, it is necessary to explain so that they understand that they are not breaking the law and are allowed to do business, so the above action is considered to be destroying property. property, from an emotional perspective, the owner of the restaurant asks for compensation, and if not, he will have to take legal action to solve it.


According to the latest information that the shop owner updated, it is the object that is not so angry that he acts out of control, but because there is a little bit of intoxicating yeast in his body. This parent also proposed to compensate for the property damage, the shop owner asked to buy the right brand, at the right address, but the object of non-cooperation said “it’s okay to buy the right curtain, buy it anywhere” making the owner quite angry. touch.


This can also be considered an expensive lesson for parents when catching their children in the net shop. I think we should calm down and re-educate our children, not blame the restaurant net shop owner Thus, being too angry leads to unnecessary damage!​

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