Top 10 touching anime you must watch once in your life (P.1)

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10. Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light

Anime revolves around a little girl playing lost in the forest where the mountain gods live. She meets Gin, a mysterious man with a mask, which she later learns is a spirit. The two became friends and spent many summers together. But she is not allowed to touch Gin, because it will make him disappear. Until one day, she realized she was in love with Gin. A beautiful, fragile and sad love story. Can their brief love, as weak as the firefly’s light in the night, come true, the answer lies deep in the firefly-lit forest.

9. Doraemon – Stand by me

Due to the incompetence of his ancestors, making life difficult for the descendants of the Nobi family, Sewashi from the 22nd century returned to the past to help his great-grandfather. Although she did not want to stay with Nobita, the robot cat Doraemon was helpless because Sewashi installed a program that only brought Nobita happiness to return home. With magical treasures from the future world, Doraemon has brought a completely different life than before: no longer being late for school or bad in exams and especially having Shizuka’s love.


Experiencing many stories of friendship between Nobita and Doraemon day by day is deeply cultivated and this is also the time when Doraemon must return to the future because of completing the task. The day Doraemon left he was very sad and the next day Jaian lied that Doraemon had returned making him overjoyed but soon he was heartbroken when he learned the truth. He drank the “Lie Potion” and accidentally brought Doraemon back to his side.


8. Wolf Children (Children of the Wolf)

The film runs through 13 years since the student Hana met and fell in love with “fated love” – ​​a werewolf guy. After getting married, Hana gave birth to two werewolf children – her older sister Yuki (snow), born on a snowy day, and younger brother Ame (rain), born on a rainy day. When her husband suddenly passed away, Hana decided to move to a remote town far from the city and raise two children alone. A love song with colorful emotions. Joyful, gentle, sad, resentful… all in Wolf Children (The Wolf Children – Yuki and Ame). The film has a profound human value, upholds the love of the couple, the love of the village, and has a noble and sacred love above all – which is motherhood.

7. The girl who leapt through time (The Girl Who Traveled Through Time)

The plot revolves around 17-year-old Makoto Konno who realizes she has the ability to jump through time, she uses this miracle to correct her academic achievements as well as the silly accidents she often encounters. However, she gradually realizes that changing the past is not so simple, and the future of her and her friends depends on this very dangerous ability. The Girl Who Went Through Time premiered on July 15, 2006, and won many awards such as the Japan Academy Animation Award of the Year.

6. Whisper of the Heart (Heart’s whisper)

Whisper of the Heart is one of the rare films of Studio Ghibli Talk about life in the big city. This is also the first theatrical film by Studio Ghibli whose director is not Miyazaki Hayao or Takahata Isao.


Anime about Shizuki Tsukishima who goes to the library to borrow books every day to read at home. After each book, there was a card with the name of the borrower and a name that intrigued her: Seiji Amasawa. And from here, the very cute love story of the two characters begins. Those who have passed the age of Shizuku and Seiji, if they look back at those good times sometimes, especially those who live in big cities, they will more or less find some nostalgia in the film. In the afternoons go flying kites, catching crickets or relaxing on the grass watching the clouds go by. The times when feeling agitated in the soul when the sun rises, sometimes the sadness rekindles at sunset. Then the first feelings in life, the vibrations with friends of the opposite sex. The difficulty and charm of the adult world lies ahead.

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