PUBG style ancient swordplay Unique.. Strange.. Quality

Developed by Cube Game, a game company from China, the game recently opened the first limited test in China and promises to allow the following trials to allow games from around the world to participate. Swordsman X There will be three betas for players to try each mode in the game in turn, survival, crafting, and other content. In this first version, the player is dropped into a space, your task is to find a way to survive and kill the remaining players to become the winner.


The game applies Unreal Engine 4 graphics, so the quality is quite good. The map in the game clearly depicts a central plateau, where the knights roam, but does not lose the inherent nature of the survival game, as well as the grasslands, forests … however. only different things are very wild, true to ancient times.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

In the game players need to defeat many people in a large map. The final winner will receive equipment such as weapons, herbs … As an ancient style game, instead of moving by car like other games, the guests will receive horses to move, and of course the weapon in this will be a sword instead of a machine gun.



The game developer announced that, after this first test, the next times will expand the test area, increasing the opportunity for many players. For Chinese gamers, after capturing information about the game, there were many mixed comments. Many people support and wait but also many people feel that it is not possible to make survival games that use guns, or parachute jumps that have been so hot recently, to create this ancient genre. But objectively, with this strange and familiar content, the game is really worth the wait.

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