Xu is honored to appear in the June CFL rank season

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Ranked Battlefield rank belong to CFL June has already started a few days. In the past few days, the ranking battles have been extremely hectic and are getting more and more fierce. This is probably due to the change in the rewards of the season. The duration of the rewards gun received for reaching rank milestones has now been changed to different from last season. Not only that, gamers will receive rank rewards as soon as the new season starts, meaning that when reaching a certain rank milestone, gamers will immediately be able to receive the corresponding reward by very simply Go to ” Activities” click on the button “Receive gifts for the June 2018 Rank season”.


The most special feature of the ranked season CrossFire Legends June is the arrival of Xu Vinh Du and Shop Xu Vinh Du. Gunners will have the opportunity to collect honor coins to exchange for components and weapons from Xu Vinh Du shop. To receive honor coins, gamers only need to achieve certain rank milestones and can immediately receive them as other gift items in the active interface.



  • Honor coin shop – King cards will be open from June 2, 2018 ~ June 30, 2018​

  • Honor Coins will reset after June 30, gunners should change weapons at Honor Coin Shop – King Cards before June 30.​


With extremely attractive rewards, do not miss the ranked battlefield of CrossFire Legends in June, gunners.

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