The newly released COD Black Ops Cold War has made gamers happy because of this feature

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was officially launched last weekend, bringing many new experiences to shooting game fans. However, for many people, the “plow hoes“Upgrading weapons in Cold War takes too long.

For a part of players, the launch of a new game is always a big event. They will usually take a break from work and start the process.”plowing game“, especially for multiplayer games. Early game advantages can be key later, so it’s understandable to spend a lot of time playing in the first day or two.

However, some other players feel that “plowing the country” is not what they want. Specifically, the post criticizing the requests to unlock the weapon feature in Black Ops Cold War on Reddit received a very high vote from the community. Call of Duty.


One player said: “I have almost 200 kills in the game. And that’s level 8.” Another player shared: “one of my weapons hit 825 kills and only went up to level 41. I can agree with the character’s exp increase slowly but can’t accept the weapon’s exp increase too much. slow like this.”

Some people think that the leveling process for such a long time may be because the current number of weapons in Cold War is too small, so the long time will keep players busy. Weapon features are very influential in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, so “hard-working” players will have more advantages over the rest.

In addition, the above problem is even more painful when players on PlayStation get advantages over other platforms. When playing on PlayStation, players will receive 25% more experience, along with exclusive exp double events that take place every month.


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