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You are using the FPT network and find that the connection sometimes seems to be too slow, that’s when you need to conduct an FPT network speed test to know the cause of the slow network situation to have a way to fix the slow network situation. .

Currently, network providers such as FPT, VNPT, Viettel have become too popular and users really want to check VNPT network speed, Viettel network speed to know if the actual network speed is the same as what the network operator says. no commitment, not to mention that many users encounter slow network conditions, also want to ping the network and check the network speed of FPT, VNPT, Viettel to know why the slow network phenomenon occurs and is there a way fix slow network error and speed up Internet simultaneously or not.

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Fortunately, you don’t need to use any software tools, but just use the following network speed test services to be able to test your fpt, ​​vnpt or viettel connection easily.

Test ftp network speed, test FPT network connection without using software

How to test FPT network speed without software mainly using service tools available on the internet such as Speedtest, Speed.io.In this article, Emergenceingames.com will show you how to test speed. fpf network through these services.

1. Test FPT network speed with Speedtest.net

This is almost the most popular tool to test and test ftp or other network connections today. Readers, please do the following:

Step 1: Check if the connection is complete and secure, then visit the page Speedtest.net.

Currently, this tool also has software on PC called Speedtest for PC and also version SpeedTest for Android so that users can check ftp network speed anytime, anywhere.

Step 2: In the main interface of the software, press the . button Begin Test to start testing FPT network speed.

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After checking twice including upload speed (upload) and download speed (download), readers will know the status and speed of fpt network currently in use. You can also press the . button Test Again to start testing again.

This is only a temporary speed at a time when users measure it, so the parameters may not be correct, if possible you should choose the night time when the number of users is the lowest to conduct a network speed test. ftp okay.

If you do not understand the parameters like uploading or downloading, you can read and learn the article about speedtest network speed test parameters shared by Emergenceingames.com.

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*Note: Internet connection speed may be different from the theoretical speed that the network operator commits to your customer. The causes are many, but mainly due to transmission line loss (30%), computer virus infection (30%), geographical factors (20%), access time (10%) and other factors. other (10%).

2. Check ftp network speed with Speed.io

Step 1: Also take the first steps is to check the fpt network connection, then go to the page: http://www.speed.io/ from any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. Visit the page Speed.io.

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Step 2: Press the button Start Speedtest to start testing.

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Click Result to access the result report.

After the test is complete, you will receive a detailed and complete report on the download, upload, ping, … of the FPT network.

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So you already know how to check FPT network speed, how to check FPT network speed can easily be applied the same way. Viettel network speed testcheck VNPT network speed.

Network speed is always one of the guidelines showing users important ways to overcome slow network conditions, along with knowing how to fix slow networks quickly. But also for some users, knowing the speed of FPT’s network also helps them draw up a plan to speed up the Internet with software. Auslogics BoostSpeed or download and install IDM as a tool to support high-speed downloads thanks to the advantage of the registered high-speed network package. Whatever the application method after testing FPT network speed, you need to always find the best way to apply it.

Good luck!

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