VirusSs: “I really don’t want to sing” in “Heaven hid it from heaven”

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There’s really no denying the great success of this song when after only 2 days of release the MV has achieved more than 4 million views“lying” in position top 2 trending on Youtube and received countless compliments from netizens. In response to everyone’s support, Virus posted a reaction clips MV. Besides, after watching him streamer This also shared a lot of things.

ViruSs shared that this is one of his favorite songs no matter what, no matter what. Not only that, it is also the song he invested the most and spent the most time in.

He shared: “I am not a good singer, this I admit. And I know for sure that when the product is released, everyone will say the same. But because this song was written for Amee and Amee’s voice has a very clear tone but the vocal pattern is quite thick, so letting Amee’s voice sing from beginning to end will be quite boring and boring. That’s why I only sang 2 lines, but if I sang well, I would have sung the 2nd ver.


VirusSs confides in viewers in a very comfortable way

To answer the question that many fans wonder why he featured in the MV, he frankly shared, “Since I’m the one who writes the song, it’s possible for me to convey my simplicity. it is more reasonable than others”. In addition, VirusSs also added that they tried to let other people sing but it was not good, not in accordance with the spirit of the song.

The streamer also apologized to everyone if his voice made anyone dislike this song and hope everyone will still support Amee.

Especially, Virus not afraid to confide: “I really don’t want to sing. Adien had to convince me a lot before I could sing.”, “I don’t want to be a singer. I don’t want to sing or contribute to any song.” As for the fact that he takes on the role of “supporting actor” in the MV, that will partly help with marketing and arouse people’s curiosity. Every time he sees himself appearing in the MV, he looks down shyly.


VirusSs covers her face shyly when she sees herself in the MV

Besides, he also explained some of the puns in the song to make it easier for listeners to feel.

After watching half of the MV, the streamer suddenly burst into tears, making viewers very confused and curious. After that, when he calmed down, he shared that the music reminded him of his grandfather and he just wanted to scream Grandpa, I did it.


VirusSs burst into tears while watching MV

“I once questioned whether I could do something for my grandfather, the person I love the most. My grandfather always wanted me to become a musician, a musician, a producer, a person who writes beautiful melodies”, “If only I could ask my grandfather for advice on whether I am good at writing, I would Is this or that okay?” Viewers can completely feel the very real emotions of VirusSs.

At the end of the clip, Virus message that I am very happy and happy to be able to produce a product like this, to have done what he has been looking for for a long time, and to achieve the set goal. He also did not forget to thank everyone who has always been by his side and supported his music products.

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