Terrifying Variations of Tie Shui Ya in Inuyasha

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Tessaiga is a specialized weapon of Inuyasha. Tie Toai Ya was made from the fangs of General Inu no Taishō and was forged by Tōtōsai. In essence, it is the sword against youkai. Tie Suai’s original form was that of an old rusty sword, chipped and broken, but it was actually sharp enough to be like a regular katana. When infused with demonic power by Inu Yasha, it became a giant curved blade, whose shape resembled “a tooth”. Moreover, Tiet Toai Nha can absorb strong demon power from other youkai, so it becomes an extremely powerful weapon.


Red Tie Toai Nha

The first transformation of Tie Thoi Nha is after absorbing the demon power from the treasure after killing 100 of the bat demon race. Red Tie Toai Nha is specialized in breaking barriers, but not all barriers can be broken. For example strong barriers like those of Naraku or the mage Hitomiko.


Diamond Tiet Toai Nha (Diamond Trade Break)

After destroying and inheriting the demonic power of Bao Tien Devil, the Tiet Toai bar turned into a diamond stone shape. This is the toughest and most powerful weapon, even capable of splitting the earth’s surface in half.


Tie Toai Nha dragon scales

Inuyasha defeated the Dragon-Man, and at the same time, the retreating weather also absorbed the Dragon’s power. The body of the blade is covered with a layer of dragon scales. Later, Inuyasha was taught by the Great Saint Demon Spirit how to use the Dragon Scales Iron Throne, only then did Inuyasha really control it and know how to slash the demon’s grave to defeat the opponent.


The Way of the Destruction of the Moon

Previously, General Dog fought with Death and then captured Death’s demonic power. However, because that demonic power was too strong and dangerous, General Dog took it apart and kept part of it in Tie Toaiya, then transferred the rest to Thien Sinh Nha – owned by Sesshomaru. Later, Sesshomaru let Inuyasha suck the “Ming Dao of Destruction of the Moon” from his Tiansheng Ya because he realized that Inuyasha was the most worthy person to own the invincible sword Tie Toaiya.


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