I died laughing when Thanos was bullied in school because of his name

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Surely those who have seen the blockbuster Avengers 3: Infinity War They must all feel outraged at the crime of Thanos. The crazy Titan thinks he is “saving” the universe by killing half of its inhabitants so that the universe can continue to exist in a more balanced way. However, behind the villains there is always a traumatic past that makes the personality distorted. If Thanos’ crimes today were caused by childhood wounds, would he be pitiful or to blame?


In fact, in the original of Marvel ComicsThe character Thanos has a name inspired by the god of death Thanatos in Greek mythology. He is a descendant of the Immortal Human race (Eternal) living on the planet Titan. However, because he carried mutant genes of the Deviant race, Thanos became an outcast. Instead of being beautiful like the other Immortals, Thanos has grayish purple skin, ugly and rough. As a result, Thanos lived separately from others throughout his childhood. From birth, Thanos was so ugly that even his mother wanted to kill her child. As he grew up, Thanos became a cult of death and eventually fell in love with Death himself. Collecting all 6 infinity stones is also for him to feel that he can be “matched” with Death.


However, in the recent video of Toon Sandwich – a channel specializing in producing animated videos that “remake” movies into humorous versions – has suggested that the source of Thanos’ “crazy” is because of him. once had a childhood ridiculed and teased by his own name, instead of his appearance as in the story. Accordingly, the name Thanos is often read by others as “The Anos” (anus). This made him angry and determined to destroy the universe. Many years later, the boy “The Anos” has now become an evil that makes everyone afraid, but Iron Man dares to repeat the taboo name in the past, which is also the reason why the Titan is crazy. for superheroes “flying color” as in Infinity War.


Although it is just a funny video, the cartoon image of the characters created by Toon Sandwich is very similar to the movie. Besides, funny details such as: Gamora was livid, unable to snap his fingers; Spider-Man thinks his Spider-sense is due to…puberty; Captain America becomes a farmer… It is also a factor that makes viewers laugh instead of a painful ending like in the movie.

Let’s have fun with “mod” video Infinity War belong to Toon Sandwich down here:

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