TCL season 3: Guiding how to play the Body Armor – Magic formation

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One of the squads that are very powerful in the Truth Arena (CCP) season 3 is Mechanical Armor – Mage.. Let learn more about how to play this squad!

Mech Pilot – Mechanical Armor

Mechanical armor is an extremely creative clan in the third millennium with the ability to combine 3 generals Annie, FIzz, and Rumble into a giant super robot Garen (Super Garen). This robot will randomly receive the equipment of all 3 Armored generals and have wide-area Judgment skill that deals a large amount of magic damage. In addition, when Garen is destroyed, he will immediately revert back to 3 Mechanical Generals with full health and continue fighting as usual.

Sorcerer – Mage

Mage is a system that appears in all three seasons of the Arena of Truth. And of course it is too familiar to gamers when the Mage’s ability is always directed towards magical power. If in season 2, the mage allows the ability to be used twice in a row, then in season 3, the mages will directly buff the power of the skill for the entire squad.

  • [2]: 20%.
  • [4]: 45%.
  • [6]: 120%.

Strengths and weaknesses

The strength of the squad

  • Mages are simple and effective with almost any formation.
  • Easy-to-play lineup. Does not depend on damage to a champion.
  • Owning a super huge super Garen fighting robot, you will not have to worry about tankers anymore.
  • The damage dealt was massive, and combined well with Garen’s Judgment.

Squad weaknesses

  • Extremely low health (mage generals behind).
  • If Super Garen dies, it will be very difficult to fight.

How to build a squad

Mech Soc

Basically with 8 slots, we will have champions in the lineup including:

3 Armor: Rumble, Fizz, Annie

6 Mages: Zoe, Lux, Syndra, Ahri, Vel’koz

3 Armor we will give up to the top to merge into Super Garen as a tanker. The remaining mage generals will be in the back row to discharge skills. This arrangement is quite basic and nothing complicated,

Note: Vel’koz has great magic power, but the beam he shoots out of focus will sweep through the enemy formation, reducing the ability to cause dame. So consider the position when using this champion.

How to dress up the squad


You can refer to the table above to map the champions. Of course, for mage champions, we will prioritize getting items that increase magic power and energy. However, attaching items to 3 Mech generals to create a “super buffalo” Garen is not a bad idea (Mercury Cloak, Blood Armor, Armor …). Remember, Garen’s Judgment damage will be greatly buffed if combined with the mages!

I wish you victory with the Body Armor – Mage lineup.

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