Axie Infinity: How to build the best Axie for Arena PVP

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How to use Axie is very important in PVP battle in Arena mode. Some suggestions below Best way to build Axie to join Arena PVP in Axie Infinity.

How to build the best Axie in Axie Infinity’s Arena mode

  • How to build Axie Terminator
    • Body part: Bug or Reptile
    • Card/Parts: Sticky Goo (Snail Shell), Chomp (Tiny Turtle), Mystic Rush (Lagging), Allergic Reaction (Thorny Caterpillar) or Tiny Swing (Tiny Dino)
    • Location: The way back

    How to build Terminator – Terminator revolves around debuffing enemies by using 3 cards, then combining them with Allergic Reaction (Thorny Caterpillar) dealing 130% damage to the debuffed target.

    This Axie build is not a deadly attack. It is also difficult to kill due to its wide range of stun and speed reduction effects.

  • Shrimpinator
    • Body part: Beast
    • Card/Parts: Single Combat (Ronin), Ivory Stab (Imp), Chitin Jump (Shrimp)
    • Location: Mid or back line

    This Beast build is a death machine in the lane after 1 turn, thanks to the Shrimp part that allows Axie to target the furthest target.

    When Chitin Jump (Shrimp) is combined with powerful attack combos such as RIMP (Ronin + Imp) or Nut Crack, Shrimpinator can easily knock down the opponent’s “glass cannons” in the back.

    Killing the enemy damage dealer in the first place gives you a huge advantage throughout the game of Axie Infinity as it doesn’t let the opponent execute deadly attacks on you.

  • 0 3

    Sniper Aqua / Idle Killer

    Sniper Aqua / Idle Killer
    • Body part: Aqua
    • Card/Part: Spinal Tap (Perch), Shell Jab (Babylonia)
    • Location: Mid or back line

    As the name suggests, Sniper Aqua or Idle Killer is a sniper or idle killer. Its purpose is to target weak, unshielded targets and catch them off guard – literally.

    Spinal Tap (Perch) prioritizes idle Axies when combined with 2 additional cards, while Shell Jab (Babylonia) deals 130% more damage to inactive targets.

    The downside of this build is that you have to learn the right time to perform the anti-idle combo.

  • Double Anemone Aqua
    • Body part: Aqua
    • Card/Parts: Aqua Vitality (Anemone), Aquaponics (Anemone), Swallow (Catfish), All-out Shot (Post Fight)
    • Location: Mid or back line

    Thanks to her healing ability, Axie Aqua is very hard to kill as long as she doesn’t die for 1 turn. Both Anemone cards (Aqua Vitality and Aquaponics) restore 50 HP for each Anemone card Axie owns. This means that each attack will give 100 HP, so this Axie is very difficult to take down.

    Another great card that fits this build is Swallow (Catfish). It grants healing based on damage dealt with this card.

    Finally, the non-Energy All-out Shot (Post Fight) card deals as much damage as 120 but only loses up to 30% of its HP. However, given this Axie’s virtually unlimited healing that can quickly restore lost HP, this card is, essentially, free to use.

    This build is weak against healing effects and kills for 1 turn.

  • Backdoor Killer Bird
    • Body part: Bird
    • Card/Parts: Dark Swoop (Little Owl) + high attack cards like Eggbomb (Egg Shell), or Risky Feather (The Last One)
    • Location: Mid or back line

    The Axie Backdoor Killer is difficult to handle. This is a build that prioritizes attacking the enemy team’s back lane, stripping them of their DPS throughout the game.

    This Axie uses Dark Swoop (Little Owl) as an opening attack to target the fastest enemy. Combined with high damage cards like Eggbomb (Egg Shell), Headshot (Kestrel) or Risky Feather (The Last One), you will easily eliminate the enemy’s rear.

  • Here are suggestions how to build Axie to win more in Arena mode in Axie Infinity. Hope the article is useful to you.

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