TCL season 3: Guiding how to play the Gunners – Gladiator formation


Gunners – Gladiators are a very strong squad at the moment in season 3’s Arena of Truth. Let learn more about how to play this combined team through the following article.


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Instructions to play the Gunners – Gladiator formation in the CCP season 3

The ability of the squad


Every fourth shot from a Gunner champion fires additional projectiles at random enemies. These auxiliary attacks deal damage like Basic Attack and activate attack effects.

  • (2): 2 additional bullets
  • (4): 5 additional bullets


The gladiator generals are increased maximum health.

  • (2): 300 health
  • (4): 750 health

Strengths and weaknesses


  • Huge damage and wide area, especially when possessing Jinx and Miss Fortune.
  • Strong tanker, buffalo blood, lots of control.
  • Easy to play and easy to team up with, and easy to top 1.


  • Easy to play and easy to top 1 so it will be quite boring.
  • The Gunners formation behind was relatively weak in blood, easy to be spun behind by the Secret Service and finished
  • If you can’t turn out 2 cores, Jinx and Miss Fortune, it’s easy to lose.

How to build a squad


Basically with 8 slots, we will have champions in the lineup including:

  • 4 Gladiators: Malphite, Vi, Blitzcrank, Cho’Gath

  • 4 Gunners: Lucian, Jinx, Ezreal, Miss Fortune

It can be seen that, gladiators with significantly increased health with only 2 to 4 generals on the table will act as tankers. And the Gunners, especially when possessing Jinx and Miss Fortune will bring enormous damage, and is a large area of ​​damage, not a target. Clearing the entire enemy team is extremely simple if there is enough formation.

How to dress up the squad


The table above are suggested items for the lineup. You can attach items as you like, but you should focus on attaching full items to 3 – 4 generals. Attach tankers to Cho’gath or Vi, items that increase Jinx’s attack speed and other damage. And finally, attach Mana as much as possible to Miss Fortune so she can unleash her attack as quickly as possible!

I wish you victory with the Gunners – Gladiator squad.

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