Talented youth, two young students “played” to steal motorbikes at the Net shop in a single note

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Thefts at net shop Almost every day, it is “named” on social networking forums, it is enough to see how this problem is causing a headache for the shop owners to think of ways to deal with it, not only to protect the property of customers. but also their own property. In which, it is typical to mention the theft of motorbikes and bicycles when in fact, many gamers have unfortunately lost their means of transportation while engrossed in the game. Just a minute of neglect, crooks can take advantage of loopholes at any time.

Specifically as recently, a net shop owner in Tan Binh area, City. Ho Chi Minh City had to post with the help of the online community and colleagues in the neighborhood to track down two students who were guests at the shop, picked up the forgotten motorbike keys and immediately took the opportunity to act. Steal a customer’s car. The incident took place around 10 am on March 18, 2018. Because of the keys in hand, these two young people led the car easily without anyone suspecting.


According to the information shared by the net shop owner, this unlucky guest forgot the key between two objects on a playing machine. However, I don’t understand because I knew the car well before or because of luck, the two guys put the key in the car right next to their car and they were able to open it without having to waste time searching. And so, the subject casually led the car in front of the people around. It’s darker in that it’s the right time when the parking attendant of the shop… goes to the bathroom!? (according to the shop owner’s explanation).

Looking at the looks of the two guys, they are probably still students, so many people advise the shop owner to print a separate leaflet with pictures pasted around the neighboring schools, or report to the police to track the license plate. However, according to the owner, it also takes a long time to find it because there are many schools around this area. But at least in this case, the thief is not a professional object, but a student, finding information is also simpler.


According to the latest information from the net shop owner, the two students above have been found. Both are just middle school students. How to handle the situation is unknown. This is also an expensive lesson for every net business household, in order to avoid such unintended incidents, it is necessary to tighten security more in their business areas. Not only to protect customers’ property, but also to protect yourself.​

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