Unparalleled Pride 2 starts a new tournament Blood War Guild

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And never before have they needed the leadership/strategy of the Clan Owners like now.


Yesterday, the first match of the March Blood Battle League was officially held. This is also a brand new feature of Unparalleled Pride 2, the tournament feature takes place between the guilds in the game, high and low competition to find the most powerful guild. The tournament also lasts until March 22 with the prize structure including cash and ingame items for each server. The total cash value this time is up to 50 million, causing the leaders of the state to have to reorganize the squad.


The Blood War in the Battle of the Unparalleled Swords 2 actually appeared in a test in early February, received the support of a large number of players, so NPH decided to develop it into a tournament feature, taking place once a month. . Bloody War Guild skillfully combines individual PK and team combat as well as the Clan Master’s talent for arranging squads. It sounds difficult to chew, but with being familiar from daily PK activities such as Lei Dai, Dou Phai, Battlefield, Fighting for Linh Fruit, … or large-scale battles such as Territorial War, Au. The story is not in the skill of manipulation, but the ability to observe, improvise, and strategize the formation of the new squad that creates a unique point for this tournament.


Competing continuously for 3 days with 6 matches (5 innings/match), the Clans must offer a lineup that cannot be duplicated in each round. family, eliminating the worry of “putting meat on people”, “dragging factions” into only one State. The winning state is the state with the highest cumulative score in 6 matches. So the responsibility of the Guild Master is extremely heavy.

The heavy part is that, in addition to knowing the state’s members, it is also necessary to constantly update the opponent’s situation, consider the ability to choose the opponent’s squad through each round to choose a reasonable squad and tactics. for each inning. There are some typical “not smart” ways of playing, you bring the strongest team to play the first round, then 4 rounds later you lose because the opponent knows how to play and has a strong team in. the following innings.


Therefore, the value of information at this time is immeasurable. In addition to not using tricks and ethics to install spies to get information about opponents, the boss and the elders in the state often advocate hiding the trump cards, just waiting for the opportunity to “one-hit kill”. Allied guilds are now broken up, brothers and sisters now have to turn their backs on each other. All because of the attractive fresh money gift and the great value ingame gifts that help increase the character’s strength on a large scale.


Immediately after the intense Bloody War, the Unsung Sword Brothers 2 will face another equally difficult challenge, along with MisThy at the new server Thuan Thien Kiem, which will be released on March 22.


With humor and lovely looks, MisThy will surely bring relaxing moments, as well as many attractive gifts for gamers to play with.

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