When the character 7 Dragon Ball likes tattoos

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The giant empires of the entertainment industry like Pokemon, Naruto nice Dragon Ball… not only gather a huge number of fans around the world, but also bring along countless unique works of their own making. From stories, paintings, photos to movies and games.. everywhere you can see fanmade works with the goal of expressing your burning passion. The best example is Dragon Ball – 7 Dragon Balls When you have a multitude of different “works”, imagine images of Goku nice Vegeta in a super unique style.

Artist’s work Johnny Watson Also known by the nickname “thejenovaproject“, demonstrating exactly this when it brings fans to a cooler and more carefree look of the Dragon Balls. Yes, ask yourself… have you ever imagined a day where the Gokus , Vegeta is good Jiren Will you become a tattoo artist?

If not, here is the answer…

You can see more of this artist’s work here:

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