Super God of War: you can convert from Swordsman to Archer in a snap

In many hack and slash games of the same type, you will have to choose the default character class from the beginning and cannot be changed for the rest of the game. This makes the player’s experience somewhat narrower. Basically, if you are tired of rushing into chopping and slashing and want to “change the wind” with guerrilla play, quietly, maybe some offline games can still be, but not online games is never.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

With Super God of War Generals, everything is very simple thanks to just one button. Players can freely switch back and forth between Swordsmen and Archers during battle without Pause. This is a pretty cool detail that the developer brings to the table, making the fights more transformed thanks to the control manipulation of each gamer.


Specifically, in the lower left corner, right above the health bar, there is a small box with the symbol of the Archer. By clicking this button, your character will convert the weapon between the two swords into a bow and arrow. The combat mechanism will also change a bit. If when he was still a Swordsman, the character would automatically describe the conflict between the enemy encirclement, then to the Archer, you will have to be a bit more skillful.
The beauty of using a bow is that you will have the ability to repel. The character will always keep a certain distance from the enemy to ensure that he is not “faced”. In particular, each time encountering the Boss, in order to save a certain amount of HP, it is necessary to stay away from dangerous attacks. At such times, let your secondary generals do their moves, dodging and attacking far away, the main character will take care of it.


According to many gamers who have experienced before the foreign version, switching between Swordsmen and Archers is the most important factor when hunting Boss. Roughly in a party, the friends will have to clearly assign positions to each member. The person who attacks directly or who deals damage from a distance.


One thing to note is that, unlike Swordsmen, Archers will not automatically attack enemies if they are not within a certain range. It means that players will have to control the character more themselves, instead of “plugging auto” for self-attack. Just like in the old days when playing role-playing games, the more skills a faction has, the more virtuosity and agility it needs to be in order to bring into full play the strength of the sect. Similarly, the Archer in Super God of War is not easy to play, but it is very dangerous if it falls into the right owner’s hands.


As expected, Super God of War General will officially launch players in April 2018. For more details about the game as well as to discuss how to play, how to “plow hoes” with many other experienced players, readers can follow HERE.

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