Take a look at the terrible Korean games that will land on Mobile in 2018

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2018 seems to be the year of the mobile MMORPG genre, and the Korean giants are ready for the game.

If Netmarble had an “early launch” since November 2017 with the Western advance of Lineage II: Revolutionin 2018 the company also plans to continue to launch a series of other MMORPGs such as Blade and Soul: Revolution, TERA USA, Icarus USA and Seven Knights II.


GoBoogie (author of Eternal Clash) is also about to release the English version Fellow: Eternal Clash for the international market. Nexon continues to mine the open world with Durango: Wild Land and Yulgang USA (Hiep Thieu Giang Ho Mobile). Kakao Games introduced Blade II: The Return of Evil as the sequel to Blade’s success. While other units focus on developing sequels for their famous games, developer Jandisoft is expected to launch Mad World – a game played on HTML5.


Other big players like Gamevil, NCsoft, Com2us and Pearl Abyss joined the race by bringing their PC games to the mobile platform. For Gamevil it was Royal Blood It is expected to be released in March, applying a global version. With NCsoft it is Aion: Legions of War. NCsoft variable Summoner’s War mobile version. But the most noticeable is Pearl Abyss with Black Desert USAthe port game of Black Desert (PC) has a solid foundation of more than 2 million early-registered gamers, expected to bring in about $565,000 (about VND 13 billion) in profit every day after launch. .


As expected, most of the above titles will reach the world market as soon as possible. Even if only half were released this year, 2018 is still the year with the largest number of MMORPGs released for the iOS platform.

The big cause of this MMORPG craze on iOS is the move to set up Apple’s headquarters. Recently, the company opened its first Apple Store on January 27, opening a direct competition right on Samsung’s “home ground”. Outside the Korean border, the competition is somewhat less fierce, but the market also witnessed the launch of many attractive titles such as Runnescape 3, MapleStory M, or Albion Online.

The wave of conquering the Western market of Korean games opens up a lot of hope for the world game village. No MMO game has ever been able to achieve the success of World of Warcraft, but many experts expect the novelty of the Korean MMORPG to bring a surprise. Most Korean games apply Unreal Engine 4, possessing extremely impressive graphics. In addition, the power of mobile devices is also increasing, contributing to narrowing the gap compared to PC games.​

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