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“Trunks” officially crowned Battle City Season 2 Champion

Clip Honoring the players of the Battle City Tournament season 2

The Yugih5 Battle City season 2 magic card tournament has officially ended with the Champion title belonging to trunks, a name that is extremely deserving of its excellent performance from the beginning of the season until now. With 3 extremely dramatic rounds, 800 participating players and more than 1 month of fierce competition, this Battle City can be considered a long season but no less attractive and thrilling.

Trunks – The best player is the Champion of the Battle City Tournament season 2

If you follow the series of matches of Battle City season 2, you will definitely not forget the beautiful flips, the dramatic 3 – 0 wins against the opponent, or the moments of regret for a little bit. unlucky. Battle City is gradually improving and bringing more value to players and viewers, not just a competition playground.

TOP 4 excellent and talented of Battle City season 2
With his efforts, skills and ingenious tactics, trunks, Y5 Why Cry, [MSB] – Hi I’m Suneo, Y5 Vu surpassed more than 1000 opponents to become the best TOP 4 of this tournament.

Top 4 best players in Battle City season 2

While trunks proved to be an extremely brave player throughout the tournament, Y5 Vu was surprised when he was not initially appreciated in the season’s seed list and joined just to clear the way for the team. team with Guild Y5, but this player made many people admire when he was able to go deep into the semi-finals.
Particularly with [MSB] – Hi I’m Suneo, although this is the first tournament this player participates in, Suneo has shown his talent and excellence when he won 3rd place in Battle City 2. As for Y5 Why Cry, Despite losing the Champion to the trunks, this card also made the viewers admire. Even trunks rated Y5 Why Cry as the hand that our champion was most impressed with.

Journey to the throne of “Trunks” – Battle City Season 2 Champion
With stellar performances and consistent performance throughout the season, it’s no exaggeration to say that trunks fully deserved the results they achieved – becoming the Battle City Season 2 Champion.
Trunks joins Battle City season 2 to win the Championship and the purpose of collecting the Back of the Thousand Years of Glory that not everyone has. And now, trunks has achieved that.


Trunks loves Yu-Gi-Oh! Since childhood, and thanks to an online game news channel, this guy knows Yugih5, has been with Yugih5 to this day. Although the element of luck when playing cards is still one of the big winning factors, it is undeniable that trunks have shown excellent tactics and errors in tough matches. and beat countless other talented players.
Battle City season 2 has ended, but its echo is definitely still smoldering in the Yugih5 player community because of the extremely unique cards and beautiful tactics that the players bring. Going forward, it is expected that Battle City season 3 will also kick off this May. In addition, a new tournament will also be released, the King’s Journey Tournament. Hopefully, the next seasons of Battle City will bring more top-notch as well as professional and attractive games for players and viewers.

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