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TERA Mobile is the version mobile games 2nd of famous brand TERA Korea. However, this game will have absolutely nothing to do with the previous version TERA USA. If TERA M is a product of Netmarble, TERA Mobile will be a product of Lantu Games in cooperation with LINE. In which Lantu Games is a subsidiary studio under Longtu Korea, Lantu is headquartered in China, this is also the unit that made the hit Yulgang Mobile in early 2017.


Currently, there is no specific information about the content and gameplay of TERA Mobile but Kakao Games and Lantu Games hope to release the game later this year.


TERA is one of those games MMORPG Korea’s most famous for its top-notch ingame graphics, pioneering in applying Unreal Engine 3, open space, non-targeting combat. So far TERA has been moved to free release on PC, there is both a web game version and mobile games.​

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