Take a look at the characteristics of the level 40 weapon group in DDTank

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DDTank’s diverse weapon system has many advantages that make gamers choose you can choose the weapons and enhance them to serve your matches.But many gamers will not be able to distinguish what these weapons are useful and suitable for your character and gameplay or not. From level 40 upwards, DDTank’s arsenal has become very diverse, its strength is far superior and the play style will also be different.

To help you distinguish and choose the right weapon for your character’s parameters and how to play, today Download.vn will look at some of the features of the level 40 weapon system for you to know more about the weapon group. Hey, and how to use pearls to strengthen weapons.

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Featured weapons group level 40 in DDTank

The first group: Tank


Weapons group characteristics like the name Blood and Armor are very buff with damage and stabilization effects, including Lu Brick and Fruit. Lu Brick Percentage tank Armor damage and percentage health damage, when POW is below 30%, the damage is very damaging.

Recommended Gem: Armor and Health

Fruit In the regenerative form, very suitable for protecting allies, in addition to the bonus ATK and Corrosion effects are very good.

Ngoc recommended: Gong, Blood, Pet Guji recovered

Group 2: Stacking Damage.

The characteristic of this weapon group is extremely strong damage, along with the effects of Darts, Chlorine and Chicken effects that cause discomfort for the player.

Darts Has a strong advantage in acceleration, POW damage is very large, but has the disadvantage of low health, careful movement and proper buff damage.

Ngoc recommended: Gong, Blood, Chi Mang.


Chicken will give you stable HP, attack and add Stun effect, 100% damage is very good, Chicken is a weapon with high surprise, easy to use.

Ngoc recommended: HP, Gong, Critical.

Still Chlorine poison gas is inclined to counter the Tank group, big damage, armor break, POW is fast but will shoot 3 rays, so it is necessary to calculate the shot angle accurately.

Ngoc recommends: Speed, Health, and Attack.

Third group: Digging hole


Digging is only possible Thong Toilet is the most useful weapon, gives a lot of health and comes with a very uncomfortable hold effect, fast recovery stamina. However, it is necessary to move and calculate the angle of shot accurately because 1 time 3 shots are fired.

Ngoc should use: HP, Speed.

Group 4: Special


This group will have Laser gun both blood-sucking and recovery, very high attack. Having a dig is also good, generally versatile, flowers have a more bizarre style at high speed, creating freezing, and if calculating the angle of the shot well, it will cause inhibition to the opponent.

Ngoc recommended: Speed, Cong.

Above are some of the features of the weapon system of DDTank at level 40, at this level the weapon is superior to the previous levels, you can use gems to enhance weapons according to the parameters are given above. So you can choose to suit your equipment and play style.

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