Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 4: Pioneer Squad – Mystery with Ahri one shot

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Pioneering – Mystery is a squad that uses its “beefy” character along with Ahri’s shock dame ability to crush the enemy.. A combination of buffed tankers adding magic resistance and continuous healing will cause your enemies to slowly and slowly go away. Although there are no assassins with massive amount of damage, it is enough for anyone who has met this formation will have to shake their head in frustration.

Pioneering - Mystery

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Guide to play the Pioneer squad – Mystery in the CCP season 4

The strength of the formation

  • Pioneers: Increases a large amount of armor for the Pioneer champions.
  • Secret: Increased magic resistance for the whole team.

The strength of the squad lies in the strong resistance of the Pioneer, when combined with Mystery and a series of champions that support armor buffs, blood buffs such as Jana, Thresh, Yumi will form a team “super buffalo. cow”. And the main damage job will be for the fox girl Ahri, simply because Ahri possesses the ability to deal large damage with giant aoe.

The only weakness of the squad is probably that the generals are quite difficult to buy enough (4 generals 4 gold, 1 champion of 5 gold), so players need to keep points and defense until there is enough new formation to develop strength. OK.

Mysterious pioneer

How to arrange formation

Line up

The generals in the lineup include:

  • Tanker: Aatrox, Sejuani, Thresh, Shen (if not using Jana).
  • Support: Yuumi, Cassiopeia, Zilean, Jana (Without Shen)
  • Main damage: Ahri.

How to equip


Equipping the formation is quite simple, just focus on finding magic damage items for Ahri like Gemstone gloves + Infinity sword (100% skill crit chance increase), Green charms, witch hat… Note that if there is no Pioneering Crystal in the squad, you will need to earn a golden shovel to join the new Pioneers system with 4 Pioneers.

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Wishing you victory with Pioneers – Mystery in the Arena of Truth season 4!

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