Instructions for using HQ Trivia, the game show application to receive money are causing fever

HQTrivia 640 - Emergenceingame

HQ Trivia, a recent emerging game that is causing fever with MC livestream’s answer-test style on iOS and Android, This game causes fever not only the unique and new gameplay, but more attractive that players will receive cash when answering the correct series of questions given by the MC.

That is the reason why this application has been on the shelves for not too long but has received a lot of attention, this is not a normal game application but it is a kind of online gameshow like Who is a Millionaire and will be held at specific times of the day. Along with thousands of players compete to overcome the questions MC asked to win real money on their accounts. It has been ranked on the list of the top 50 games on the App Store besides the games that have already caused storms such as EverWing Pokémon Go, Clash of Clans, or Candy Crush Saga for iOS.

To join HQ Trivia and make a lot of cash, today will guide you to use the HQ Trivia application on your mobile.

HQ Trivia for iOS HQ Trivia for Android

Guide to using HQ Trivia on mobile

Step 1: Download the application above and start up, press Get Started Then enter your phone number.

HQ TriviaHQ Trivia

Step 2: You will then receive your code HQ Trivia send to you, enter the 6-digit code and press next On the right corner, then HQ Trivia will ask you to create a username and press finish.

HQ TriviaHQ Trivia

Step 3: After creating a username you will go to the introduction of HQ Trivia and receive notifications from HQ Trivia every time the game starts, on the main screen you will see the start time of the game, usually the starting time will be 3 AM and 9:00 am GMT + 7 time zone.

HQ TriviaHQ Trivia

Step 4: Click on the two main screen items that are Leaderboard and item InviteLeaderboard will show who is achieving the highest amount on the leaderboard. The Invite section will be to invite friends through means such as messages, social networks …

HQ TriviaHQ Trivia

Step 5: Each time you reach the level of playtime, you will have about 2 minutes countdown to start the game, when the MC starts, there will be live livestream appearances and introduction of the game. Remember to choose for yourself a stable speed network to start the game.

HQ TriviaHQ Trivia

Step 6: Then a series of questions that MC will send to players, after each question you answer, you will see the number of players remaining, so remember you only have 10 seconds to answer the question.

HQ TriviaHQ Trivia

Step 7: There are 12 questions from easy to difficult, try to answer them all to get bonuses from the producer, if you answer one wrong question, you will immediately be eliminated from the game. can continue to follow the rest of the game, but will not be able to answer questions.

HQ TriviaHQ TriviaHQ Trivia

Step 8: If you want to withdraw money to PayPal, you must have at least 20 USD or more then HQ Trivia allows you to withdraw money to your PayPal account. Then from PayPal you can withdraw money to your bank account.

HQ TriviaHQ Trivia

With the cash payment function for players, HQ Trivia’s attraction is not to deny that this game is very HOT, although it is just answering multiple-choice questions, especially those who are good at English and know a lot. Earning money from this game is not too difficult. If you want to make a lot of money from HQ Trivia, immediately download HQ Trivia to your device and start using your knowledge to fill your pocket.

I wish you luck making a lot of money.

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