Tell you a few small crews to help reduce gun recoil in PUBG Mobile

Despite having debuted for 2 years, but the charm of PUBG Mobile never decreased, as evidenced by the fact that this survival shooting game is always in the top game most downloaded on both Android and iOS platforms.

One of the reasons why PUBG Mobile That is the game possessing a huge arsenal of conditions for gamers to “unleash” use. However, each gun has a different recoil that can cause more or less difficulties for the player.

But do not worry, Game Fun will share with you a few tips to help reduce the recoil on guns effectively in PUBG Mobile.

Apply Red Dot / 2x to AR / SMG

Apply Red Dot to AR

Reality shows that, gamers should attach Red Dot or 2x for AR or SMG to control the recoil effectively. Because the viewfinder is bigger like 4x, 6x suit sniper gun in single shot mode.

Choose the right gun

Choose the right gun

Simply put, each person will have different gameplay and how to use guns differently. Therefore, choose for yourself the right gun when parachuting to the ground and start the fight. Otherwise, you will be easily “fumbled” with strange guns and easily destroyed early.

Aim at low bow or crawl

Cow crawl posture

The next thing, the player can do to lower the recoil when aiming is to bow low or crawl while moving. Meanwhile, the unnecessary maneuverability will be reduced while the projectile is also more compact.

Fully attach accessories to the gun

Fully attach accessories to the gun

One more way for gamers to reduce the recoil for their guns is to install a full range of accessories such as gun stock, silencer, expanded magazine …

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Use self-shot mode

Self-shot mode

Probably not many PUBG Mobile players noticed that setting up the automatic firing mode will increase the recoil for the gun. So, it is best to switch back to self-shooting mode.

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